What’s New in SDC Verifier 5.1

New Features:

  • AISC ASD 1989 9th edition, July 1989;
  • API RP 2A-WSD 21st edition, October 2007;AiscAndApi 2
  • ASME VIII, Div.2 – 5.5.2 Screening Criteria for Fatigue Analysis (beta);
  • Eurocode3 weld strength (Section 4, EN1993-1-8):
AsmeAndEC 2
  • Waves Load (beta, only Femap):
WaveLoads 2
  • Project Wizard – a wizard to quick start/setup the project:
ProjectWizard 2
  • DNV weld strength split on 2 standards – C101 and C201;
  • Job of Jobs – possibility to create load combinations/envelopes using results from different Analysis;
  • Mapped Sections – select a shape from the library and link to existing property (should be used when shape dimensions are not defined in the model but required for the standard);
  • Improved performance for huge amount of loads (10K+);
  • Load Selector – a content of load group option. It is possible to build flow tables on the Load Group items:
LoadSelector contentofLG 2
  • AISC2010 – automatically fill stiffener distance, option for torsional check, for shape checks intersection with user selection;
  • Beam Member Finder – edit duplicate members. Export members to components:
BeamMemberFinder 2
  • Display Unit System – user can use different unit system for calculations and displaying tables/plots. (Simcenter, Ansys):
UnitSystems 2
  • Report improvements:
    • Selection highlight feature for tables
Table HighlightSelection 2
  • User title and automatic title – when user title is blank an automatic title is used:
Report UserTitle 2