What’s New in SDC Verifier 5.2.1


  • Support of Ansys 2019 R2;
  • Support of Femap 2019.1;
  • DNV C203 – stress factor 1.12 can be excluded by a user in characteristic;
  • EN13001 – option to calculate formula (24) from Chapter 5.3.1 for static stress check;
  • Import data for Spectral Fatigue tool;
  • Set factors diagonally / clear factors on edit/create multiple load sets/load groups dialogs;
  • Limit Cm factor to 0.85 for option B in API, ISO, Norsok Standards;

Bug fixes:

  • Panel Finder failed to recognize plates when a model contains Plot only elements (Femap);
  • Run analysis in Femap 2019.1 was not working due to changes in Femap API (Femap);
  • Turn off clipping plane option for plots in Femap, model was not visible (Femap);
  • Copy fatigue group issue;