What’s New in SDC Verifier 5.3.1


  • New CAE versions supported: Ansys 2020 R1, Femap 2020.1;
  • New modules added: AISC beam buckling, Eurocode3 beam buckling, Beam Buckling, and Joint Checks;
  • Moment Ratio tool – calculation of Beta M (used in Eurocode3 part 1-2);
  • Plate Buckling Table selection – pick plates by elements from selection (not full section by 1 element);
  • Panel Finder – automatically swap direction/amount of stiffeners if a plate width becomes greater than a length (user input or parametric stiffeners are applied);
  • Add torsional shear check for API 2A-RP LRFD;

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed formula in the DNV OS C 201 standard. Eta_0 = 1 / SF instead of Eta_0 = SF;
word image
  • Failed to display tabular data for Load in Report (Ansys 2019 R2 and R3);
  • Failed to generate items in Presentation Designer – 2 styles were missing;
  • After a model update property was not up to date in the report (Femap);
  • Custom check calculation details – missing information for replacements;
  • Eurocode3 – bending moments parameters used Forces category, changed to Moments;
  • Labels were missing for Beam Section Finder plot;
  • The poor performance of selector when use Sections;
  • API RP-2A WSD – requirements t >= 6mm is removed;
  • Pasting data from the clipboard for multiple editing forms;
  • Legend – 2 digits after dot were always applied (Ansys);
  • Recognition of Beam Sections (updated);
  • Checking if the shape is symmetric / double symmetric when the shape has an offset;
  • Governing Loads wrong results when condition < and <= was used;