What’s New in SDC Verifier 5.3

  • New CAE versions supported: Ansys 2019 R3Simcenter 3D 2019.2;
  • Stiffener Buckling check according to DNV RP-C201 (2010).
word image 81
  • Effective Width tool (used in Stiffener Buckling checks). Detailed calculations with formulas:
word image 82
  • Calculation details for custom, plate and stiffener buckling checks:
word image 84
  • Integration into Ansys Mechanical Tree (versions R2 and R3):
word image 85
word image 86
  • Panel Finder – recognition of panels, plates and stiffeners.
  • Single list of sections;
  • Swap plate direction to be along the longest side if dimensions were modified manually;
  • Improved split by nodes (possible to pick 2 nodes at the edges);
  • Updated filter;
  • Recognition of plates dimensions according to CSR method (optionally):
word image 87
  • Set/Draw parametric stiffeners:
word image 88
  • Beam Member Finder
  • Take into account offsets;
  • Constraints from joint finder (to set effective factors);
  • Merge Members;
  • Interface simplified;
  • Plot members orientation, full members ids:
word image 89
  • Weld Finder
  • Simplified interface;
  • Highlight welds;
  • Minimum Yield/Tensile to be used in weld strength calculations;
  • Updated Filter;
  • Visualize weld throat on the model:
word image 90
  • Modules: Beam Buckling, Plate & Stiffener Buckling, Fatigue, Weld Strength & Reporting. Borrowing the license for the offline usage (a floating license will gone on the server on a borrowing period);
word image 91
  • Beam Section Recognition – tool to group line elements (1D) by planes. It is very similar to Panel Finder but instead of plates sections – beams/bars are recognized;
word image 92
  • Joint Check according to API RP 2A WSD (21st, 2000). Nominal and Punching shear methods:
word image 93
  • Map the symmetric shapes to all asymmetric I-beams or Channels of the model using the minimum sizes of the flanges (width and thickness):
word image 94
  • Labels for all plots. Panel Finder coordinates as Labels:
word image 95
  • Automatic highlight in all recognition tools, results tables, components tables;
word image 96
  • Filter and Sorting options in Plate/Stiffener/Weld Check/Joint Check tablesword image 97
  • Contour plot for weld checks based on elemental method;
  • Weld Strength standards. Options to use Yield/Tensile from the model (element) or take from Weld Finder Tool;
  • Property Label Plot:
word image 98
  • Joint Finder. Take into account all constraints of the model.
word image 99


  • ISO 19902 Hydrostatic options improved:
  • Option to use wave period and velocity or wave length;
  • Capped End actions included;
  • Read Corner/Centroid Results for solids option (Femap);
  • New Result Category – Material direction stress (Femap);
  • Checks memory manager:
  • Keep calculated results if Stop button was pressed;
  • Store intermediate results for fatigue group items during the fatigue summation calculations;
  • Clear results when material/property settings were changed (was automatically cleared) warning;
  • Build a model of a parametric crane included:
word image 100
  • Rule Selector/Selection List – rearranged order of conditions.
  • Select recently created conditions;
  • New conditions added – beam sections, recognition on selection, import/export between components:
word image 101
  • New options for label plots (font size, orientation, offset);
  • Build all check tables/plots on selection instead of a list of items:
word image 102
  • Automatic Load Groups for All Individual Loads and All Load Sets.
  • Create Multiple Load Sets tool – add and edit load sets at the same time:
word image 103
  • Tooltips for check parameters in the tables/plots;
  • Deflection category included in number format/legend settings;
  • Min-, Max-, Min/Max Threshold included in legend limits for Simcenter and Ansys;
  • Select cells in the table instead of the full row (easier to copy only necessary info);
  • Updated icons depending on property/shape type:
word image 104
  • Moment Shear Force tool updated:
  • Available for Simcenter and Ansys;
  • Calculate shear forces in all planes;
  • Set origin;
  • Show Min/Max/Abs values Load Group;
  • Show loads from Load Group that contains relevant min/max values;
  • Convert predefined standard to custom instead of Copy as custom;
  • Freebody tool included in report;
  • Select what wind loads to re-apply when drag coefficients changed. Select what loads should be re-analyzed (Femap);
  • Preview with current view, selection on all plots:
word image 105
  • Set categories to all joint check parameters (stress, dimensions etc.) for number formatting;
  • Show governing load in Weld Check Tables;
  • Beam member finder and Weld finder included in report wizard;
  • Set length coefficient K = 2 for beam members with free joints;
  • Nodal selection for tables with nodal result category (e.g. displacement). Used to take nodes from all selected elements;
  • Deflection check plot in Ansys included;
  • Put ordered labels for classification/characteristic plots;
  • Plot/Export selected items or all items options in Governing Load and Peak Finder tools;
  • Edit check in predefined standards. OK Cancel instead of Close button;
  • Use all types of characteristics (only property was possible) in Weld checks;
  • Automatically export to Word document option after generating the full report;
  • Overall formula is not set message included when plotting from the tree;
  • Remove outputs warning when analyzing Job (Femap);
  • Detach output sets from individual loads when result selection of a Job is changed warning (Femap);


  • Stress conversion for trapezoidal elements in custom (inclined) sections;
  • Result files were removed permanently if Cancel was pressed while editing checks;
  • Cm factor calculation, issue with Max value – should be less 0.85 but it took higher value in ISO, Norsok, API standards
  • Shapes with neutral axes offsets were not treat as double-symmetric;
  • AISC360-10 – shear lag factor and net area were missed on a wizard;
  • Selection was not edited in Tank/Buoyancy loads (Femap);
  • Import Output Sets did not work if there were empty analysis study (Femap);
  • Overwrite backup file in case there are no permissions to delete;
  • Change selection for Weld Checks did not work in custom standards;
  • Unable to complete setup for Simcenter (could not write paths to SDC Verifier.exe in settings);
  • Plot with Rigid elements froze Femap;
  • Controls visibility fixes in embed mode (Femap). High DPI resolution fixes;
  • Drag coefficients items in predefined reports (model setup or full) were duplicated;
  • Legend limits were edited in all copied views;
  • Save GP force results for Load Groups to the files was missed;
  • Incorrect coloring of buckling tables with more than 10 columns in report;
  • Show Major/Minor results in deflection check table did not work;
  • Get nodes/elements from geometrical named selection (Ansys);
  • Create less nodes in Ansys tree when plotting;
  • Take at least 1 element if 1% of model elements is less in Governing Load/ Peak Finder tool;
  • Governing load values sorting issue;
  • Materials editing issue (Simcenter);