What’s New in SDC Verifier 2022 R2

  • Support of Ansys 2022 R2 and Femap 2022.2;
  • Included following types of connections in Eurocode3 Connections (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) standard:
    • CHS chord and RHS or I-Beam braces;
    • RHS chord and CHS braces;
    • I-Beam chord and CHS or RHS braces;
  • New types of optimizations in Optimization Tool:
    • Plate Element: shell element thickness, Young’s Modulus, Yield Stress;
    • Plate Buckling: plate thickness, Young’s Modulus, Yield Stress;
    • Weld Strength: weld part dimensions and weld type over weld parts:
Example of Weld Optimization
Example of Weld Optimization
  • Hot Spot Stress:
    • Hot Spot Stress settings page in Weld Finder:
    • New result category to display tables/plots;
    • Added variables to use results in checks and check if Hot Spot Stress is calculated for the element point of interest;
    • Options in Job to use corner / averaged corner data and to display 0 / simple stress result outside Hot Spot Locations;
Hot Spot Stress Method Visualization
Hot Spot Stress Method Visualization
  • Interpolation Tool – display interpolated stresses at interpolation points along the selected line between two mesh nodes;
Interpolation Tool Window
Interpolation Tool Window
  • Compression Only Support Tool – simulation of compression only support by creating dependency loads and modifying Load Sets to reach 0 reaction at the support nodes (Femap, Ansys);
Compression Only Support Tool
Compression Only Support Tool
  • Multi Selection Nodal Force – apply nodal forces to different parts of the model (Femap):
Multi Selection Nodal Force Window
Multi Selection Nodal Force Window
  • Standard Custom Settings – set Input values (Constants, Characteristics, Classifications) of the predefined standards to be used as a default input values;
Standard Custom Settings Window
Standard Custom Settings Window
  • New variables to get the results of Brace Classification and Brace Stress tools for any brace of the connection and not only for currently calculated;
  • Calculation details for Connection and Weld types of checks;
  • Export result Tables, Plots, Peak Finder Tables and Governing Load Tools from the report to the project;

Bug Fixes:

  • AISC ASD 89 (9th, 1989). Check ’13.. Bending’, parameters ‘B1y’ and ‘B1z’ (second order effects) used Axial Force instead of Axial Stress in calculations;
  • Eurocode3 Members (EN1993-1-1, 2005):
    • Check ‘1.. Beam Characteristics’, parameter ‘Plastic Section Modulus Y_Tshape’ used incorrect formula in case Tf <= A / 2B;
    • Check ‘1.. Beam Characteristics’, parameters ‘Plastic Section Modulus Y’ and ‘Plastic Section Modulus Z’ values were swapped for T and Rectangular Bar shapes;
  • ASME VIII (Div2, 2010). Characteristics ‘Surface conditions’ and ‘Quality level’ were swapped when editing the standard;
  • Crash appeared when editing check component extreme table in report;
  • Fixed exporting table results to Excel in Display Unit System instead of Model Unit System;
  • Axial Force result in Summation Force tables used 2x result from both ends of the line element instead of one value on the element;
  • Velocity option and titles were not set when editing Wind Load (Femap, Ansys);
  • Default title defined in the settings of Beam Member Finder was not applied for Length Z and Length Torsional beam members;