What’s New in SDC Verifier 2023 R1.1

New Features:

  • EN 13001 (2018). Added options to use Nominal Yield Strength by shell element thickness (Table 2, Chapter 4.2.1);
  • Added possibility to use multiple views for Beam/Bar Releases item in Report Designer (Femap);

Bug Fixes:

  • Values for cross section properties were read in incorrect units for some models (Ansys);
  • Values of cross section properties were displayed in Display Unit System instead of Model Unit System;
  • Shape library:
    • Incorrect units were used for cross sections where title ends with the ‘_db’;
    • Some cross sections of circular bars displayed twice bigger diameter;
  • Highlighting of the mesh on the model used incorrect units (Ansys);
  • Incorrect classification after direction ‘X’ was used if there were more classification items in the list with the common elements after the ‘All Directions’ item;
  • Crash appeared when editing connection check plots (Ansys);
  • Related values of all parameters were not displayed when ‘Related to Last’ option was selected in Plate Buckling flow table;
  • Fixed displaying of absolute maximum result of the plate elements in the Plate Buckling plot if plates were duplicated in different sections;
  • Fixed Stiffener Buckling plots to be displayed in Display Unit System;
  • Failed to edit Stiffener Buckling plot in report;
  • New plot object was not created in Mechanical after copying and previewing check plot in SDC Verifier (Ansys);
  • Panel Finder:
    • Command to split stiffeners was disabled;
    • Plate thickness was set to 0 after setting parameters for selected plates;
  • Crash appeared while generating Presentation Designer;