What’s New in SDC Verifier 2023 R2

New Features:

This release introduces a brand new SDC Verifier solution with modeling capabilities, calculation with Simcenter Nastran solver, and all the well-known SDC Verifier standards verification features.

  • All fatigue standards (DIN 15018 (1984), DNV RP C-203 (2016), DVS 1608 and 1612, EN 13001 Fatigue (2018), Eurocode3 Fatigue (EN1993-1-9, 2005), F.E.M. 1.001 (3rd, 1998), FKM (5th, 2003), FKM (6th, 2012)) have now updated formula to use Hot Spot Stresses in calculation.
  • Automatic detection of solid welds and Weld Stresses conversion for fatigue calculations.
Automatic solid welds detection
  • New standard for beam member checks: AISC 360-22 Members (2022).
AISC 360-22 Member Check SDC Verifier Interface window
  • New standard for bolt check VDI 2230 Bolts (Part 1, 2015). Also includes a library for bolts.
VDI 2230 Bolt Check SDC Verifier Interface window
VDI 2230 Bolt Check SDC Verifier Interface window. Bolt Dimension Characteristics
VDI 2230 Bolt Check SDC Verifier Bolt Library
  • Weld strength implementation in EN 13001 Weld Strength (2018)
EN 13001 Weld Strength (2018)  SDC Verifier Interface window
  • Support of Ansys 2023 R2, Femap 2306, Simcenter 3D 2212 and 2306.
  • Predefined Load Combinations to combine basic loads with factors according to EN 13001 and Eurocode 0 standards:
Predefined Load Combinations window
Predefined Load Combinations by EN 13001
  • Rainflow Fatigue Summation Check
Rainflow Fatigue Summation Check
  • Added coordinate system for Model Information, Materials Summary (Femap, Simcenter 3D), Property Summary (Femap, Simcenter 3D), Material and Property items in Report.
  • Updated UI for embed mode in Femap:
SDC Verifier embeded in Femap UI

Bug Fixes:

  • Optimization Tool was calculated incorrectly when Load Group was selected and the Load Calculation = All Loads option was selected in check.
  • Always minimum value was displayed for Load Group in Summarized Forces (over nodes) table for Line Element Force category.
  • The incorrect result was returned in checks for variable ‘Element.IsHotSpotCalculated’.
  • Mapped Shape:
    • Dimensions Recovery for the same shape type did not work for Nastran Shapes;
    • Incorrect parameters were sometimes displayed when changing orientation in Mapped Shape window;
    • Total difference was displayed differently in Beam/Bar control and in Mapped Shape window;
  • Results were cleared in Load Groups and Fatigue Groups when pressing Apply and there were no modifications.
  • Plots:
    • An error appeared when previewing contour plots (Simcenter 3D);
    • No Legend was displayed when using a View with an exponent format (Femap);
    • Contour Check plot was always displayed with ‘No Averaging’ data conversion option (Simcenter 3D);
    • Data Conversion was not taken into account in Contour Check plot when previewing with current View (Femap);
    • Plate buckling plot used the result from the last element instead of absolute maximum if there were sections with duplicated elements;
    • Display unit system was not included in stiffener buckling plots;
    • The same value was displayed for solid elements when ‘No Averaging’ option was turned on in Contour Plots (Femap);
  • Report
    • After copying of governing loads and edited selection in one governing load – it was changed in all copies;
    • Plot/Tables could not be added in Report for Joint Check;
    • The Fatigue Check Plots remained in Report after removing the Load Group from the Fatigue Group;
    • Display Unit System was not included when displaying Fatigue Check and Weld Check Contour Plots;
    • Incorrect Density was displayed in Material Summary item after updating the model;
    • Saved item content was added after opening the report even if item was turned off;
    • Blank Weld Check (No Load) Contour Plot was displayed in Report after generation (Femap);
  • Results were not cleared after changing load history in Rainflow Counting Tool.
  • Crash appeared when filling table for Stiffener Buckling (no load) check.
  • Plate non-linear Stress results were not read (Femap).
  • SDC Verifier node was created in Mechanical Tree even if it was not linked to the system that leaded to corruption of some solutions (Ansys).