Why do you need to optimize your FEA model?

Why do you need to optimize your FEA model?

Optimization is a function of the FEA environment that enables the development of the most cost-effective structural model. In addition, it helps to save material and ensures industry standards compliance. With the help of optimization, the engineer can define the best possible design, reduce the material quantity, prevent stress concentrations, […]

Residual Life Analyses for Crane Structures. How to Avoid Cracks and Crane Fatigue

Why it is important to know your crane Design Life Cranes, as well as other welded structures subjected to repetitive loading, are experiencing fatigue whenever they are working. The components of these structures have finite design life correlated with the usage cycle quantity and not with calendar time. Therefore, the […]

What is FEA

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Finite Element Method is a widely used approach for solving integral and partial differential equations (PDE) when solving problems of applied physics in mathematical modelling and engineering. The solution process is based on either eliminating the differential equation completely for stationary problems, or decomposing the PDE into an […]

SDC Verifier helps Rable with FEA calculation

SDC Verifier CEO Wouter van den Bos has recently presented a new startup in the Energy Transition industry. Rable – is a self-supporting system that lends itself well to installation on weak roofs due to its clever construction. Patented self-supporting Rable solar panel system technology reduces the weight of solar […]

Rainflow Counting Tool

Introduction Rainflow Counting method is used to determine the number of fatigue cycles that is based on a load-time history. It is used in the analysis of fatigue data in order to reduce a spectrum of varying stresses into a set of simple stress reversals. This simplification allows the number […]

Bluewater Energy Services B.V. uses SDC Verifier for Haewene Brim FPSO evaluation in Lifetime Extension project

Bluewater + SDC Verifier

Our long-term customer – Bluewater Energy Services B.V., specializes in the design, development, lease, and operation of tanker-based production and storage systems. The company owns and operates a fleet of high specification FPSOs designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions and under the most stringent regulatory regimes. Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) is a […]

What is von Mises Stress?

It is the main task of engineers to ensure the stability of constructions according to standards, proving their price-performance outstanding efficiency. Nowadays, one can hardly imagine analyzing failure or fatigue in ductile materials without checking the von Mises stress values. Von Mises criteria are among the most commonly used criteria for […]

Posco E&C now benefits from SDC Verifier’s Optimization

Recently Korean Posco E&C has purchased SDC Verifier for code checking and verification according to Standards. One of the main reasons for this decision was that SDC Verifier does not only show the results of the check but also enables an opportunity to choose the best possible design decision with […]

Conduct fatigue checks directly in ANSYS using SDC Verifier

Template-based design automates future routine work, and automated documentation facilitates report generation A lot of steel structures such as cranes, heavy machinery and other equipment subjected to repetitive loading is highly likely to develop cracks or failures because of the fatigue damage. The cost of every hour of equipment downtime […]