Posco E&C now benefits from SDC Verifier’s Optimization

Recently Korean Posco E&C has purchased SDC Verifier for code checking and verification according to Standards. One of the main reasons for this decision was that SDC Verifier does not only show the results of the check but also enables an opportunity to choose the best possible design decision with […]

Conduct fatigue checks directly in ANSYS using SDC Verifier

Template-based design automates future routine work, and automated documentation facilitates report generation A lot of steel structures such as cranes, heavy machinery and other equipment subjected to repetitive loading is highly likely to develop cracks or failures because of the fatigue damage. The cost of every hour of equipment downtime […]

The Month of Webinars Recordings

Last April SDC Verifier decided to make four webinars during the whole month and show how engineers can efficiently use their time working with FEA models.  Here we bring up recording from the each of webinar Automatic template based reporting in Ansys Simcenter Femap with SDC Verifier Fatigue checks of […]

Automatic template based reporting in Ansys Simcenter Femap with SDC Verifier

Preparing a full calculation report is one of the most time-consuming parts of the project. An engineer has to make the same routine processes to create calculation report from project to project. SDC Verifier has a useful tools to make this process faster and easier.  Report Wizard gives a possibility […]

Eurocode3 Benchmarks

This article provides list of benchmarks from “Designers’ Guide to Eurocode3: Design of steel buildings EN 1993-1-1, EN 1993-1-3 and EN 1993-1-8” to verify design results of SDC Verifier. All examples modeled in Ansys, Femap and Simcenter and calculated with SDC Verifier. Example 6.6: cross-section resistance under combined bending and […]

Webinar: What’s new in SDC Verifier 5.3 | Sneak Peek

2:08 SDC Verifier Introduction 11:45 What’s new in SDC Verifier 5.3 12:08 Integration into ANSYS Mechanical Tree (Ansys R2, R3) 15:35 Modules in SDC Verifier 16:27 Stiffener Buckling Check DNV 2010 and Panel Finder Tool 23:02 Effective width Tool 31:00 Eurocode3 part 1-2 (beta) (Fire Design) 32:00 Plot Labels 34:15 […]