Load Combinations

Instead of focusing on the total load set, SDC Verifier separately calculates the influences of different individual loads on the structure.

The overall response of a structure in real life situations is retrieved by combining the outcome of these individual loads into load sets.

With even a small number of individual loads as a basis, over 1000 load sets can be generated using different partial load factors. The calculation time remains limited because the CPU usage is based on the much lower number of individual loads.

Results of these large numbers of load cases are organized in load groups. For example, the minimum or maximum stresses or maximum reaction forces at all locations and even more complicated results as fatigue life can be represented in 1 plot or table. A complete structural check according to any standard can now be represented with a few pictures or tables!


With help of SDC Verifier it is easy to create Load Combinations:

  • Individual Load – combination of a load from the environment (wind, storm, earthquake snow) or from function (e.g., hoisting, moving etc.) and Constraint.
  • Load Group is an envelope for Individual Loads, Load Sets, and other Load Groups. It allows determining a minimum, maximum and absolute values of stresses, displacements and forces, etc.
  • Load Sets – loads of different type acts on the structure at the same time. In SDC Verifier load sets are combinations of Individual Loads multiplied on Factors.

Moreover, SDC Verifier supports import from MS Excel Button_excel.