Norsok Standards


SDC Verifier uses the NORSOK N004 (Rev.3, 2013) standard for Member Check and Joint Check. The standard specifies structural strength and stability requirements for steel tubular members. This standard applies to the cylindrical members with Thickness ≥ 6mm, ratio D / t < 120, and Yield < 500 MPa.

It is possible to use Norsok N004 (Rev. 3, 2013) combined with AISC 360-10 Members (14th, 2010) standard.

NORSOK N-004:2013. Design of steel structures

The standard establishes requirements and guidelines for offshore steel structure design and documentation. The standard gives provisions for offshore structures and references NS 3472 and EN 1993 1-1. Either code may be used for the design of parts, where relevant. The design principles follow the requirements in ISO 19900.

An existing structure shall undergo an integrity assessment to demonstrate fitness for purpose if one or more of the following conditions exists:

  • extension of service life beyond the originally calculated design life; 
  • damage or deterioration to a primary structural component; 
  • change of use that violates the original design or previous integrity assessment basis; 
  • departure from the original basis of design: 
  • increased loading on the structure; 
  • inadequate deck height. 

Info about NORSOK Standards

The Norwegian petroleum industry develops the NORSOK standards to ensure adequate safety, value-adding, and cost-effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations.

Furthermore, NORSOK standards are as far as possible intended to replace oil company specifications and serve as references in the authorities regulations.

The acronym NORSOK originally stands for “the Norwegian shelf’s competitive position” and was introduced in 1994 to cut costs and improve competitiveness on the Norwegian continental shelf.