SDC Verifier Post Processing, Understand the behaviour of your model with Peak Finder and Governing Load tools

Date / Time:June 22, 2022
peak finder webinar
Event Details

Duration: 60 minutes

Host: Roman Samchuk, PM @ SDC Verifier


This webinar will show you how not to miss the critical results in complex models created in ANSYS or Simcenter Femap with Nastran and how to identify only the most crucial load combinations and quickly understand the cause of the problem so that you can solve it afterward. We will use Governing Loads and Peak Finder tools The international industry standards prescribe a lot of different loads acting on a structure, which must be combined to create the worst load situations for structural verification. In most cases, it leads to hundreds or thousands of different load combinations to be checked, and what is more important – engineers cannot ignore them because if one load combination causes the highest stress level in a specific part of the structure, it does not necessarily mean that another load case is negligible since it can cause the highest stress in a different zone, for example at some hidden area inside the structure, which can be easily overlooked. Moreover, it is crucial to understand the cause of the problem to be able to solve it by reinforcement or through calculation improvement. In combination with the complex FEM models, all this requires a lot of attention from engineers and often an enormous amount of time and effort for postprocessing.
Usually, we do two sessions of the webinar for attendees’ convenience.  

Register for 9:00 AM UTC+2 (Amsterdam) (12:30 Delhi, Mumbai, 15:00 Beijing, 16:00 Seoul, Tokyo

Register for 4:00 PM UTC+2 (Amsterdam) (09:00 AM Houston, 11:00 AM Rio de Janeiro

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