SDC Verifier Users meeting

Date / Time:May 22, 2024
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Event Details
Join us for the annual SDC Verifier User Meeting - an engaging online event where industry professionals gather to explore the latest innovations in structural design and analysis. Gain insights and discover innovative strategies to improve your projects. Don't miss this opportunity to collaborate, learn, and shape the future of structural engineering.  Here’s the preliminary Agenda of the meeting: 
  • Welcome word from COO Oleg Ishchuk. 10 min 
  • Simulation in SDC Verifier 20 min 
  • New industries, standards, tools and features in SDC Verifier 2024 R1. 20 min  
  • Q&A Session. 30 min.  
SDC Verifier users and partners are free to join this meeting. Please share it with your colleagues that are working with SDC Verifier. 
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