Webinar: What’s new in SDC Verifier 5.3 | Sneak Peek

2:08 SDC Verifier Introduction 11:45 What’s new in SDC Verifier 5.3 12:08 Integration into ANSYS Mechanical Tree (Ansys R2, R3) 15:35 Modules in SDC Verifier 16:27 Stiffener Buckling Check DNV 2010 and Panel Finder Tool 23:02 Effective width Tool 31:00 Eurocode3 part 1-2 (beta) (Fire Design) 32:00 Plot Labels 34:15 […]

Webinar: Plate buckling checks. SDC Verifier for ANSYS

00:07 SDC Verifier Introduction 14:51 Plate Buckling Checks 17:00 Creation of Load Sets and Load Group (Envelope) 18:49 Plates recognition using Panel Finder tool. 26:16 Plate Buckling tables and plots. 31:20 Reporting: Preparing and generating the final report on a check.

Webinar: SDC Verifier for ANSYS introduction

Timecodes for browsing through webinar 2:37 – Introduction. What is SDC Verifier 8:56 – Recognition of structural items (Recognition tools) 13:04 – Implemented codes 14:27 – SDC Reporting (Short description) 17:17 – SDC Verifier benefits 24:16 – Why sell SDC Verifier 28:25 – How to sell SDC Verifier 31:20 – […]

Webinar: Beam Buckling AISC 360-10 Demo. SDC Verifier for ANSYS

Live demonstration of SDC Verifier working with ANSYS Beam Buckling according to AISC360-10. Time codes: 1:02 Getting started in Workbench 1:48 Create new project 2:48 Job Explanation 6:32 Tables 10:48 Recognition of buckling lengths 17:44 AISC360-10 24:10 Governing Loads 27:50 Reporting

Eurocode 3. Example 6.7: Buckling resistance of a compression member

We compare the buckling resistance of a compression member according to SDC Verifier and Designer’s Guide to Eurocode3: Design of steel buildings EN 1993-1-1. The results are generated with SDC Verifier 4.5 and calculated with FEMAP v11.3.1 Task:  A circular hollow section (CHS) member is to be used as an […]

Meet SDC Verifier @ OEEC 19

SDC Verifier will take part at Offshore Energy 19 Exhibition & Conference. Let’s talk about code checking! Visit us at booth 1.619 for a cup of refreshing espresso in the morning or a bottle of good quality local beer in the evening. We are looking forward to see You at […]

Get Started

SDC Verifier: Get Started Tutorial

An introduction tutorial to get familiar with the software. It demonstrates how to create a project, define loads and load combinations, and quickly generate calculation results report. This step-by-step tutorial is designed to get you started with main SDC Verifier features: Launch SDC Verifier; Creating new project; Create Combinations and Envelope; […]