SDC Reporting

SDC Reporting is an app for Ansys, Femap and Simcenter which automates the generation of full calculation reports

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SDC Reporting is an extension for CAE programs which automates the generation of full calculation reports. All SDC Report Generator features are available within SDC Verifier software.

The report Designer is an advanced tool to document the FEA model and to create full calculation reports in Docx and PDF formats.

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With the Presentation Designer quick Power Point presentations with summary and main results can be generated:

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Report Structure / Navigation

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Results can not only be ordered by loads but also by selections (for example frames, longitudinals, decks).

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The report structure is translated into Microsoft Word and PDF bookmarks to facilitate navigation through the report.

  • Automatic description of the materials and properties data (including mass overview). Elements related to material/property are highlighted.
  • Also all boundary conditions and the description of the applied loads is automized.
  • The mesh quality based on 8 different criteria is checked and described in the element quality section.
  • The Free Edge tool recognizes locations where the connection between model parts is lost because of incompatible meshing.
  • A total mass overview for different selections (materials, properties, user selections) including COG.

Report Template

In report template it is possible to configure the layout of the first page, header, footer, fonts and margins:

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Header/Footer items can contain project information (e.g. customer company name or logo), custom text or image. In addition, a user can create custom fields and use them in the report layout.