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Preparing full calculation report is one of the most time-consuming parts of the project. An engineer has to make the same routine processes to create FEA report from project to project. SDC Verifier generates report automatically, reducing time expenses and maximally automate the process of report creation.

Two powerful tools are available to generate the FEA report: Report Wizard and Report Designer.

Report Wizard

Report Wizard gives a possibility to define step by step items for the report generation. It is possible to generate word report from a wizard or to keep working with report structure in a designer.

Report Wizard window

Report Designer

Report Designer is an advanced tool that helps to set up your own FEA organization in the future report – change the structure of the report, move items, preview immediately results and edit or modify parts, structure, etc. It is possible to preview and print the report in Report Designer or Export to Microsoft Word in order to add extra information to the calculation report such as comments, images, conclusions if necessary.

Report Designer Window

The report consists of two parts: Model setup and Results.

Report Designer. Model Setup

Model setup includes a detailed description of materials, properties, constraints, FEM loads and load scenarios. Besides, it helps to check information, edit or fix possible mistakes, define full information about the model.

Report Designer. Model Setup

Material and Property detail description with a plot which shows a location of material/property elements.

Materials and Property details

Report Designer. Results

Results generator contain different plots, tables and graphs which make your simulation report extensively clear. It is possible to view detailed result for each entity, extreme results on a section and advanced tables to compare load results. It’s of course available for both – standard FEA results (e.g. stress, displacement, strain etc.) and checks according to standards (e.g. results of plate buckling check, weld strength and fatigue checks, deflection and static stress checks etc.).

SDC Verifier has a wide variety of table results

word image 16

Reports Generator is one of the most important reasons to use SDC Verifier in a structure checking. It is also available as a separate module – Report generator software.

Report Designer. Features Overview

Ensure that SDC Verifier is useful for you, download it and request a trial.

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