What’s New in SDC Verifier 3.7

  • AISC 360:
    aisc37 table


    • torsional and flexural-torsional buckling (Chapter E);
    • bending (Chapter F) – for double symmetric I-beams, circular and rectangular tubes;
    • shear (Chapter G);
    • combined and overall checks;
    • LRFD and ASD design – both are available;
    • Examples for 3 chapters: Design Examples of AISC.
joint check37

Fixed Bugs

  • Plate Buckling ABS 2006, DNV95 and 2010 – Element Midplane Stresses(without bending), Use Plate Average Stress options;
  • Joint Check:
    • Gap calculations included with nodes offsets;
    • Section E-3.4 implemented (can recognition on a chord);
    • Updated calculations of in-plane and out-of-plane bending moments;
    • Overlapped brace rules included.
  • Multiload selector is completely updated (to handle huge amount of loads);
  • Report Designer:
    • report shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+E and others);
    • sort plots and tables in check by loads;
    • 2 items per page;
    • New text editor;
    • Improved Loads Content;
    • Analyze Model together with Generating report;
  • Creation of Load Sets and Load Groups is speeded up;
  • Export to components from Weld Finder and Joint Finder;
  • Update direction in Weld Finder is speeded up, progress added;
  • Import/Export Plates Length and Width from Excel in Panel Finder.
  • View issues when generating a report;
  • Catch errors when report designer cannot be opened;
  • Critical crash in report;
  • Undefined dimensions;
  • Remove members in Beam Member Finder;
  • Clear results in check when Individual Load based on Output Set is cleared;
  • Moment shear force – disable for Load Sets and Load Groups; issue with table;
  • Automatic backup issue, save auto backup when project not saved;
  • Load wind from library;
  • Error with Femap Groups – contain not existing ids;
  • Buoyancy wave height (half height was used instead of full);
  • GDI+ error with images;
  • Wrong wind direction when edit wind. Calculate height of complicated shapes issue;
  • The issue with engineer and customer logo.