AISC 360-10 Examples

Design Examples of AISC 360-10

Examples from Design Examples of AISC (official version 14.1) are modeled in Femap and calculated with SDC Verifier. These examples demonstrate that SDC Verifier calculations according to ANSI/AISC LRFD 360-10 standard is valid.

It is possible to download the Femap model and SDC Verifier project for some examples:

Chapter D: Design of Members for Tension

Example D.1 W-shape tension member

Example D.2 Single angle tension member

Example D.3 WT-shape tension member

Example D.4 Rectangular HSS tension member

Example D.5 Round HSS tension member

Chapter E: Design of Members for Compression

Example E1.A and E1.C W-shape column design with pinned ends

Example E1.B and E1.D W-shape column design with intermediate bracing

Example E.2 Built-up column with a slender web

Example E.3 Built-Up column with slender flanges

Example E.4A W-shape compression member (moment frame)

Example E.4B W-shape compression member (moment frame)

Example E.7 WT compression member without slender elements

Example E.8 WT compression member with slender elements

Example E.9 Rectangular HSS compression member without slender element

Example E.10 Rectangular HSS compression member with slender element

Example E.11 Pipe compression member

Chapter G: Design of Members for Shear

Example G.1A and G.1B W-shape in strong axis shear

Example G.2A and G.2B C-shape in strong axis shear

Example G.3 Angle in shear

Example G.4 Rectangular HSS in shear

Example G.6 Doubly symmetric shape in weak axis shear

Example G.7 Singly symmetric shape in weak axis shear

Chapter F: Design of Members for Flexure

Example F.1-1B W-shape flexural member design in strong-axis bending, continuously braced

Example F.3A W-shape flexural member with non compact flanges in strong axis bending

Example F.5 I-shape flexural member in minor-axis bending

Example F.6 HSS flexural member with compact flanges

Example F.7A HSS flexural member with noncompact flanges