API RP 2A WSD 21st edition - recommended practice for planning, designing and constructing fixed offshore platforms released December 2000 (Errata and supplement 3, October 2007).

The standard supports calculations for circular tubes only.

To add API RP WSD Standard execute Standard - API RP 2A-WSD (21st, October 2007) from the main menu. Alternatively, use the Standard context menu:

It is possible to edit Safety Factors and Selection.

Safety Factors are set to Standard default values. It is not necessary to change them.

According to the calculation procedure a Beam Length for Y and Z direction is required. Data from The Beam Member Finder is used automatically:

If beam members are not recognized press .

Formulas (3.3.1-5) and (3.3.1-6) should be applied to cylindrical piles. By default, the calculations are skipped and a user should define when a member is treated as a pile.


Formulas of the API RP 2A WSD standard use Yield Stress from materials. It is important to set this value for each material. Standard checks if the values are defined for all materials:


If count > 0, then press to edit Yield Stress:


By default, selection is set to Circular Tube Shapes. If not all circular members should be checked, then the selection can be modified.

When all settings are defined, press OK to create standard.


Standard contains 6 checks: 1 and 2 geometrical pipe dimensions and limits, 2-5 - stress checks for different directions, 6 - overall check (axial and bending).

Result of Overall check is Utilization Factor = Stress / Allowable Stress. If Utilization Factor is < 1, the check is OK.

The value 12345678 is used when the calculations cannot be performed due to geometrical limitations or calculations are out of scope.