Views - a set of options that defines how plots are displayed.


Press Settings - Views in the Navigation Window to display a table with all views in the Workplane.

- add a new view.

- edit selecte view.

- copy selected views

- remove all selected views. The default view cannot be removed.

- preview selected view in Femap.

Add/Edit View

add view

  • Location - a center, rotation angles, and magnification information. To get the center, rotation angles and magnification of the active view from Femap use the button Get (the model position will be displayed on the form);
    AutoScale To Selection option allows using one view for different Model parts. The view is rotated and then it is scaled to the plot selection. Use the Show button to set and preview current location in Femap;
  • Settings - a set of base view settings for font and model overview. Use Get to import settings from the current view in Femap. Use Show to set and preview the current settings in Femap;

- import the location and the settings from active view in Femap;

- preview location and settings in Femap;

The most important view options with examples:

Filled Edges - the element boundaries are drawn.

Show Thickness / Cross Section - displays the plane elements with thickness and the line elements with shape.

Legend Digits - how many digits after the dot have to be used in the exponent number format (e.g. 2.536E+6, Digits = 3)

Style - continuous use of a smooth gradient and level colors don't use the gradient.

Legend Location - select the position of the legend in the plot (bottom, right etc.)

  • Advanced...- opens the window to define the additional settings like legend and background color:


Solid - use one background color;
Shaded - use the colors combination to make a gradient background.

Note: When generating a report the background settings are ignored and white color is used;

- pick a color from Femap:



It is possible to set the custom settings of the legend for better results overview.

Use limits from Legend Settings - use settings from project Legend Settings.

Note: Project legend settings contain the settings for different categories. There is no need to create different views for the displacement or stress plots, for example, but set the respective settings.

- opens the window to change the project legend settings;

Use Contour Colors for Numbers for Legend - Use Contour Colors for Numbers for Legend

Use Local Limits - set a static legend for all the plots with a current view;

Mode - select the legend values displaying type:

  • Automatic - use the minimum and maximum values of the plot for the legend;
  • Max Min - set the custom minimum and maximum values of the legend;
  • User Defined - set the custom values for each level of the legend;
  • Max threshold - display the maximum threshold instead of the maximum value in the legend;
  • Min Max threshold - display the minimum and maximum threshold instead of the values in the legend;

Number of Levels - how the colors are used for the plot.

Format - the legend numbers can be in the exponent (e.g. 2.42E+6) and the general (e.g. 242000000) formats.

Legend Colors.

Define custom colors of the legend.

Reversed Legend - change the order of the colors of the legend and vice versa.

Press Load button to select the legend color scheme from the predefined list or import from Femap.

Other Settings.

Shrink Elements - reduce the size of the elemnts;

Reverse vectors - display load vector to the node when the option is checked (from the node when unchecked);

Vector length - uniform or scale by magnitude, which scales vector length based upon the magnitude;

Load Len - constant length of the load vector;

Minimum scale - all load vectors which would fall below the minimum value are scaled to the minimum. This will prevent a visual loss of small loads in a large model;

Specified levels:

It is possible to set the custom values for each level if the local limits mode in the Legend is set to the User Defined.

Note: Level 1 corresponds to the highest legend value (top level). It is possible to set the values only for necessary levels. The values for other levels will be calculated using the first and the last level.

Specified levels

Multiple View Editing

Press Edit multiple from the views context menu in the navigation window.

Multiple View Editing

It is possible to edit all parameters except title, description. location and specified levels parameters.

Multiple View Editing


All changes to views are applied immediately and do not require confirmation.