Report – automatically generated document that can contain model description and calculation results (plots, tables). It is possible to create a report using Report Wizard and Report Designer.

Report Wizard - gives a possibility to build the report using step by step wizard. It is possible to generate a word report from the wizard or to continue with the report in the designer.

Report Designer - an advanced tool to create reports. It gives full control over the report structure and offers a rich variety of instruments for customization.

The big advantage of the designer is that it is possible to generate a part of a report, change some settings and regenerate only the required parts.

Report Templates

Report Settings

Press to define the report setting: table content, default view and generation settings.

It's possible to define what directions should be included for the different result categories. For example, a plate model is checked and it is necessary to display only the Plate Stresses:

Skip Empty Plots – the plot is not displayed if all elements of plots are beyond the limits (all elements are not visible).

Skip Table and Plot Titles – the titles before the plot or table are skipped.

Show Id in titles – ID of the entities are displayed before title for (e.g. 1..Material 1).

Warning about rows count over limit – the tables with rows count less than the defined will not be generated. A warning message will be displayed instead.

Show displacement without contour - displays only a model deformation without the colors for Displacement plots.

Automatically export a full report to Microsoft Word - when the report generation is completed export to Word.

View is used for model plots.

Show loads abbreviation before title - displays loads in format IL1..Individual Load, LS2..Load Set 2).