SDC Verifier supports elements of all properties from Femap.

The following properties can be modified inside SDC Verifier: Rods, Tubes, Bars, Beams, Plates, and Solids:

Bar and Beams

Bars and beams are very similar. They have the following differences:

  Bar beam
Tapered No Yes
Warping constant No Yes
Neutral axis offset No Yes
Section shape Yes Yes

It is possible to set wind drag coefficient for bars and beams:

For bars the following work plane will be displayed:


For the beams the following work plane will be displayed:


All shape properties are read from Femap. For tapered beam Shape End B properties are enabled.

In some case, there is a necessity to check calculations according to the standard but using a different shape. Re-analyzing the full model might be a time-consuming process. To avoid such cases it is possible to map a bar or beam (End A only) shapes. Press Edit Mapped Shape to select a shape from the library:


The list of available shapes will be displayed. Automatic sorting is applied by pressing on a column title (e.g. "Name" or "Total").

Original shape - characteristics of original shape from the model if no mapping is applied to the property. Characteristics of previous mapped property otherwise;

Mapped shape - characteristic of the selected shape from the shape library;

Differences in percentages from the original shape are calculated and marked in colors.

Note: The difference is marked with color by following ranges: [0%; 25%] - green color, (25; 50%] - yellow, (50%; 75%] - orange, >75% - red;The total difference is an average difference between the Area, Iyy, Izz, Izy, Torsional and Warping constants differences. Navigate to selected - if the list was scrolled up/down, scrolls to the last selected position.

Filter by name - filters sections by text. For example, 'AISC' filter will display all sections from the AISC library and 'Eurocode' only form Eurocode 3 libraries.

Press OK to map selected shape.

Note: Dimensions from the mapped shape will be used in calculations automatically.

Shape End A Mapped page will be added to the beam property control.

Differences from the original shape will be displayed in colors. The total difference is shown in the separate text block under the picture.

Clear mapped shape - remove mapped shape from the property. All check results related to properties will be cleared automatically.

Note: Add, edit or remove shape mapping is applied immediately. All check results related to properties will be cleared automatically.

Rods, Tubes, Plate, and Solids

Rod Workplane:


Tube Workplane:

Plate Workplane:


Solid Workplane:


Rods and Tubes Workplanes

Plates and Solid Workplanes

The Properties menu commands:


Remove multiple - select properties to remove. The properties that are used in the model will not be skipped:


Set material - set the material to multiple properties:

Select the properties and the material to be applied. Press Set to selected to change the material. The material will be immediately replaced in Femap.

Plate thickness - open window to plot thicknesses of the surface bodies:


Selection - display only properties that exist in current selection;

Search filter - filter property thicknesses by text;

Press All to select all or None to deselect all properties from the list.

Plot - plot selected thicknesses: