SDC Verifier

Beam Member Finder

Beam Member Finder recognizes beam members and their lengths in 3 directions (Y, Z and torsional) based on Joints.

To start recognition execute Recognition - Beam Member Finder from main menu:

The following window will be displayed:

Press to define selection for automatic search. By default recognition is performed on full model.

Press Search to automatically recognize Beam Members and Sub Members for all 3 directions (Y, Z and torsional). Navigate between the directions by clicking on correspondent tab:

Length in Y direction:

Length in Z direction:

Length in Torsional direction:

Beam Member - a straight line. If it contains joints it is split on sub members. E.g. Beam Member 18 is split on 4 sub members:

Break Joint Options define which types of joints will be used to split Beam Member on sub members. There are 3 predefined options (Length Y, Length Z and Torsional) and custom. It is possible to modify all 4 options.

It is possible to use Break Joint Options to update selected beam members.

Plate 2D and 3D joints by default are used to break Y and Z directions and not torsional.

By default for members that are fixed by plates in Y or Z direction Effective Length Factor is set to 0.01 (1% of Length):

To set manually length/length factor or Cm Type to selected members use Set to selected group box:

If Beam Member contains sub members it is possible to modify only sub member's length. If length was changed by user it is displayed with asterisk.

To calculate Cm reduction moment factors for API 2A RP (table D.3-1), ISO 19902 (table 13.5-1) and Norsok N004(table 6-2) Standards it is require to define beam member Cm Type:

To find a Beam Member by Element press Find Beam Member By Element. A standard selection box will be displayed. Select one element and correspondent Beam Member will be highlighted in the table.

Edit duplicated members should be used to fix members with common or overlaying elements.

The following commands work for selected members:

To preview the selected beam members press .

To remove selected beam members press .

Note: Sub beam members cannot be removed.

To export selected beam members press .

To preview colored plot press .

To plot beam members ID's press . The plot will be displayed with the corresponding numbers in the center of the beam member.

To plot beam members length with text labels press .

To plot effective length factor press .

To plot beam member Cm Type press .

To plot Joints press .

It is possible to modify single beam member in 3 directions at the same time. Navigate to Edit Member (in all direction) tab. In the list the members that contain at least one joint are displayed.

Select a member from the list. The table below shows all joints on the beam member and if they break, the member for each direction. In addition there is a visual representation of how the members are split by the joints.

To preview beam member press .

To edit Joints from selected beam member press .

The Filter can be used to quickly modify data (length, effective factor or Cm Type) for the following members:

It is possible to filter the members using the selection or the length criteria. All members on selection options search all members that contain at least one element from the selection.

In the length criteria various equality operators can be used:

Press Set in the Apply To All group box to modify all members in filter:

If it is required to import data from the Beam Member Finders that were created in version 3.8.5 or lower and navigate to Import tab:

Select in the list beam member finder for the Y/Z or torsional directions and press Import.