Download SDC Verifier


SDC Verifier supports only isotropic materials.

Material has FEM relevant data that is imported from the model and SDC Verifier relevant data that is used in calculations according to standards.


To remove few materials click Model - Materials - Remove Multiple from the tree.

The Remove Materials window will be shown. Select materials to be removed and press OK. All materials that are not used in the model will be removed.

Multiple editing

To edit few materials at once click Model - Materials - Edit Multiple from the tree and Multiple Material Properties Editor will appear:

- set corresponding value to the selected materials;

- set all values to the selected materials

Note: Leave some empty fields to keep original materials values.

Material`s visibility on the scene can be adjusted using entity visibility control.

Colored Plot

Execute Model - Materials - Colored Plot from the tree to plot selected materials in colors and put labels using Labels Plotter Control.