SDC Verifier supports only isotropic materials.

Material has FEM relevant data that are imported from Femap and SDC Verifier relevant data that is used in calculations according to standards.


To save changes press the Apply.

To remove few materials click Remove multiple on the context menu in the Navigation Window:

The Remove Materials window will be shown. Select materials and press Remove. All materials that are not used in the model will be deleted.

Multiple editing

There is an easy way to edit materials properties. Click Edit Multiple on the Materials item in the Navigation Window and Multiple Material Properties Tool will appear:

- set corresponding value to the selected materials;

- set all values to the selected materials

Note: Leave some empty fields to keep original materials values.

Tensile Strength and Yield Stress

It is possible to set the values in corresponding standard if parameters are required for the calculations:


It is obligatory to define Tensile Strength and Yield Stress parameters for all materials to perform the calculations.