Webinar: Beam Buckling AISC 360-10 Demo. SDC Verifier for ANSYS

Live demonstration of SDC Verifier working with ANSYS Beam Buckling according to AISC360-10. Time codes: 1:02 Getting started in Workbench 1:48 Create new project 2:48 Job Explanation 6:32 Tables 10:48 Recognition of buckling lengths 17:44 AISC360-10 24:10 Governing Loads 27:50 Reporting

Implementing AISC 360-10 Bolt Check in SDC Verifier

The real structures normally consist of many different elements, which are joined together in different ways depending on the configuration, e.g. by welds, rivets, or bolts. All these connection types are providing the load transferring from one structural element to another, performing its intended design functionality and remaining an important […]

AISC 360-10 and Eurocode 3

The tutorial illustrates how to perform Member Check according to the AISC 360-10. A beam model of a lattice structure has been used as a start FEM model. In this tutorial, AISC 360-10 Beam Design Checks are reviewed in details. A beam model structure has been used as a start […]

AISC 360-10 Benchmarks

Design Examples of AISC 360-10 Here is the list of benchmarks from Design Examples of AISC (official version 14.1). All examples modeled in Ansys, Femap and Simcenter and calculated with SDC Verifier. These benchmarks demonstrate that SDC Verifier calculations according to ANSI/AISC LRFD 360-10 standard is valid. You can also […]