AISC 360-10 Benchmarks

Design Examples of AISC 360-10

Here is the list of benchmarks from Design Examples of AISC (official version 14.1). All examples modeled in Ansys, Femap and Simcenter and calculated with SDC Verifier. These benchmarks demonstrate that SDC Verifier calculations according to ANSI/AISC LRFD 360-10 standard is valid.

You can also download tutorial on SDC Verifier and AISC 360-10 for Ansys, Femap and Simcenter

For some examples there is a possibility to download the Femap model and SDC Verifier project:

Chapter D: Design of Members for Tension

Chapter E: Design of Members for Compression

Chapter G: Design of Members for Shear

Chapter F: Design of Members for Flexure

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