Webinar: What’s new in SDC Verifier 5.3 | Sneak Peek

2:08 SDC Verifier Introduction 11:45 What’s new in SDC Verifier 5.3 12:08 Integration into ANSYS Mechanical Tree (Ansys R2, R3) 15:35 Modules in SDC Verifier 16:27 Stiffener Buckling Check DNV 2010 and Panel Finder Tool 23:02 Effective width Tool 31:00 Eurocode3 part 1-2 (beta) (Fire Design) 32:00 Plot Labels 34:15 […]

Get Started

SDC Verifier: Get Started Tutorial

An introduction tutorial to get familiar with the software. It demonstrates how to create a project, define loads and load combinations, and quickly generate calculation results report. This step-by-step tutorial is designed to get you started with main SDC Verifier features: Launch SDC Verifier; Creating new project; Create Combinations and Envelope; […]

Report Designer

Report Designer is an advanced tool to create fully customisable reports with control over the structure and possibility to modify and regenerate a part of the report.

Eurocode3 Fatigue

Fatigue check according to the Eurocode3 and FEM 1.001 standards is performed. Welds are automatically recognized by the Weld Finder. This step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to implement the fatigue check according F.E.M. 1.001 in SDC Verifier. The following steps are covered: FEM 1.001 Fatigue detailed review; Implementation in SDC Verifier; […]

API ISO Norsok

API ISO Norsok Tutorial

A tubular offshore steel structure is verified according to the API RP-2A LRFD, ISO19902 and Norsok N004 standards. The buckling length is recognized automatically. In this tutorial, API 2A RP Beam Design Checks are reviewed in details. A beam model of a steel frame has been used as a start […]

AISC 360-10 and Eurocode 3

The tutorial illustrates how to perform Member Check according to the AISC 360-10. A beam model of a lattice structure has been used as a start FEM model. In this tutorial, AISC 360-10 Beam Design Checks are reviewed in details. A beam model structure has been used as a start […]

Plate Buckling DNV

Plate Buckling DNV Tutorial

In this tutorial you will perform Plate Buckling check according to DNV RP-C201 2010 standard on a part of the ship model. It is an important aspect in offshore construction. Each one plate should be checked carefully, because it influences on the strength and stability of the whole construction. SDC […]