Joint Check

21 Jan 2020 v5.3
  • Femap
  • Ansys

Joint Check is a part of the API RP-2A LRFD standard (offshore check) which verifies the strength of tubular construction under tension or compression members. Let make some definition:

  • Joint is a node where two or more incline elements are connected.
  • Chord is a set of non-welded elements that form straight line.
  • Brace is a welded to a chord element

Joints and brace classification are recognized automatically in SDC Verifier.Joint Check Tutorial
Themes covered in tutorial:

  • What is Joint Check?
  • Connection Types;
  • Joint Check implementation:
    • Settings;
    • Resistance coefficient;
    • Load Transfer;
    • Results.
  • Particular cases


Download Joint Check Tutorial