ISO 19902

The strength of tubular members and tubular joints according to ISO 19902 standard is implemented in version 4.0.

For checking of large (offshore) lattice structures according to ISO 19902 the joints and members need to be recognized in the standard FEA model:

FEA model

SDC Verifier automatically recognizes the members (left) and the Joints (right):

members (left) and the Joints (right)

The Standard contains the following checks: axial, bending, shear, hydrostatic, combined and overall.

ISO-19902 Checks

It is very easy to check the strength of tubular members for a set of results using Load Group (Envelop) extreme table:

Load Group (Envelop) extreme table

Verification of the tubular joints is performed by Joint Check. Fully automated recognition of connections with their geometrical parameters and brace classification (that depends on loading) significantly speeds-up the verification process.

Overall Utilization Factor

ISO 19902 is the new standard based upon the older API RP 2A standard which was already implemented in version 3.8.5. Besides the implementation of this new standard also the following improvements compared to version 3.8.5 are added:

  • – general requirements of standards are checked(Yield < 500 MPa, Thickness = 6mm and D / t = 120);
  • – accurate calculations of Cmy/Cmz reduction factors for each member are calculated on the moment pattern (in version 3.8.5 constant values 0.85 were used);
  • – the length and effective factors are directly retrieved from SDC Verifier Beam Member Finder (no user input required anymore).