Plate Buckling

Plate buckling strength is an important aspect in offshore steel construction design. Each plate should be checked as it influences on the strength and stability of the whole construction. Particular attention should be paid to the calculation of the ship’s hull, which consists of a large number of longitudinal and transverse panels.

The most complicated task in performing Plate Buckling Check is to find a huge amount of plates and their dimensions. Recognition of all the plates is a time-consuming operation.

Another difficulty is that according to standards element X direction and plate X-axis has to coincide. Panel X-axis is along the longer side of the plate. The user should check element and plate directions in a full model.

SDC Verifier implements Plate Buckling Check according to DNV CN30/1995, DNV RP-C201 2010 and ABS 2006, 2014 standards. With the help of Panel Finder tool, all plates with dimensions can be found automatically. Element Stresses are converted into plate direction by checks.


Using Plate Buckling table it is very easy to check results. The buckling factor Buckling State Limit and Ultimate Usage Factor has to be below 1 (highlighted in red).


plate buckling result