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AIJ (2005 Edition, 2017)

The AIJ Design Standard for Steel Structures — Based on Allowable Stress Concept, also referred to as the Standard, is the authoritative standard for the allowable stress design (ASD) of structural steel buildings. This Standard requires member forces and stresses to be computed from unfactored nominal loads and elastic analysis.

Note: Checks are performed for the following cross sections: I-beams, Channels, Tee, Circular and Rectangular tubes, Circular and Rectangular bars.

To add the Standard execute Standards - Main - Other - AIJ (2005 Edition, 2017) from the main ribbon:


Press to Set Standard Custom Settings

According to the calculation procedure, Beam Length for Y and Z direction is required. Data from Beam Member Finder is used automatically. If beam members are not recognized press .

Standard uses material data (Yield/Tensile) in calculations. Wizard checks if the values are defined for all materials.

Maximum Slenderness Ratio of Compression Members - value as defined in Chapter 11.2

Take into account the additional bending moment in a column produced by the compressive force through deflection - option to take into account additional bending moment as defined in Special Commentary for the English Edition - Chapter 6.1.

Material Characteristic - type of material to tale values of standard strength of the steel from which allowable stresses are determined (Chapter 5.1).

Section Build Type - rolled or welded;

Net Area - gross area reduced to account for removed material. An = Ag if no holes.