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Load Sets

Load Sets – the loads of different type acting on a structure at the same time.

Load Set is combination of Individual Loads.

In the Job with type Individual Loads = Steps (results are imported as Individual Loads), Load Set is linear combination of individual loads multiplied on factors.

LS = IL1•F1 + IL2•F2• +...+ ILn•Fn

where LS - Load Set, IL1 and F1 - Individual Load and Factor, n - the amount of Individual Loads in the Load Set.

The equivalent (Von Mises) stress is calculated by the following formula:

To create a Load Set, execute Job - Load Sets - Add... from the main menu

The item is added with the factor 1. It is possible to edit the factors for each item in the table separately or set the factors for the selected items by pressing Set to selected.

Safety Factor is used in the calculation according to the standards.

Add Logic Factor duplicates Factor with opposite sign to Factor2 for all selected Individual Loads. For the Individual Load with two factors two Load Sets will be created. Factor2 can be defined manually.


Load Set with one logic individual load:

Load Set
Individual Load Factor 1 Factor 2
Hoist 1.13
Wind 1.5 -1.5
Gravity 1

Created Load Sets

Load Set 1.1 Load Set 1.2
Individual Load Factor 1 Individual Load Factor
Hoist 1.13 Hoist 1.13
Wind 1.5 Wind -1.5
Gravity 1 Gravity 1

Each of the created Load Sets will include this Individual Load with only one factor. In general, the amount of the created Load Sets will be equal to 2k, where k - the amount of Individual Loads with two factors.

Load Set is reflection of analysis step

For the Job with type Load Sets = Steps, Load Set is reflection of analysis step from Ansys Mechanical (factors = loads tabular data). Load Sets results are imported from Ansys.

To create a Load Set, execute Job - Load Sets - Add... from the main menu.

Create and Edit Multiple Load Sets

Create multiple Load Sets gives a possibility to create easily few Load Sets at once.

To create few Load Sets specify number of Load Sets and press .

It is possible to modify the titles and the factors in the table.

Apply factor to all selected cells:

Copy/Paste data from/to the clipboard:

- creates new Load Sets with titles from the clipboard.

Copy/Remove rows by selected cells: