Load Groups

Load Group is an envelope for Individual Loads, Load Sets, and other Load Groups. It allows to determine the minimum, the maximum, and the absolute values of the stresses, the displacements and the forces, etc.

To create a new Load Group, execute Job - Load Group - Add from the main menu


- add all loads to the Load Group;

- add all Individual Loads to the Load Group;

- add all Load Sets to the Load Group;

- add all Load Groups that have ID less than current to the Load Group;

- add Items to the Load Group, select them in the left table;

- remove items from the Load Group;

- move selected items by one position up;

- move selected items by one position down;

- paste factors from clipboard starting from the first selected item in the list;

For Individual Loads and Load Sets, safety factors are shown in a table. It is possible to modify the safety factors for all loads in the Load Group at once. (press Set to All button).

Automatic Load Groups

Automatic Load Group is a standard load group but with items included automatically.

To add automatic load groups for Individual Loads or Load Sets execute Job - Load Group - Add All Individual Loads/Load Sets from the main menu


It is not possible to modify such load groups. If any Individual Load/Load Set is created or removed - the respective load group will be updated automatically and the calculated results will be cleared.

Create Multiple Load Groups

To create/edit multiple Load Groups execute Job - Load Group - Create/Edit Multiple


Existing Load Groups are highlighted with gray color. It is not possible to remove them.

In the first row, the safety factors for Individual Loads and Load Sets are displayed. It is possible to modify a single factor in a table or multiple factors for all selected cells:

Any text in cells is treated as "+" and means that the load will be included in a Load Group.

To create few Load Groups specify Count of Load Groups and press .

From Clipboard - creates new Load Groups with titles from the clipboard.

Include/exclude/include diagonally selected cells:

Copy/Paste the data from/to the clipboard:

Copy/Remove rows by selected cells: