SDC Verifier


Job – the calculation set that contains loads and their combinations to be calculated with the defined calculation options. Job is created based on analysis from Ansys Mechanical.

The Job consists of the following components:

Add Job

To add job execute in main menu Job - Add....

Alternatively, execute Job - Add from the context menu.

The following dialog will be displayed:

Analysis - the Ansys Mechanical Ansys based on which Job will be created.

Type - there are two types of jobs:

1. Import Steps as results = Individual Load.

Each step (result) is imported as Individual Load. They can be used in Load Sets to create combination of results with factors or in Load Group (Envelop) to find min/max.

2. Import Steps as combinations = Load Sets.

Each Step is imported as Load Set (combination) based on step load tabular data. In this type of Job it is possible to modify tabular data for all loads, add/remove steps.

Requested Results allows to define what category of results has to be analyzed in Ansys Mechanical.

Selection - the elements for which the results will be read. If you are interested to check only the portion of the model reduction of the result selection to that portion will improve memory usage and calculation performance.

To analyze active Job press and select first item from dropdown menu:

To analyze selected Job:


If boundary conditions, amount of steps, loads values were changed it is required to execute update command from Job context menu:

Job of Jobs

Job of jobs is a special job to create load combinations based on individual loads from other jobs and envelopes based on loads from other jobs.

To create Job of jobs execute Job - Add Job of Jobs from the context menu:

Select referenced Jobs:

It is not possible to create Individual Loads in Job of Jobs, only referenced Individual Loads can be used to create Load Sets:

Analyze command for Job of jobs will run analysis for all referenced jobs