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FEM Loads

The following types of loads can be created in SDC Verifier:

Other FEM Loads are the loads that are read from the model and it is not possible to modify them in SDC Verifier, only change a title or a description.

FEM Load detailed information is not loaded automatically, only by request (can have an impact on project loading performance). Press Read Data to read the description.

Wind Load

Wind Load - wind pressure (height dependent) applied to the selection. Wind can be applied to the beam, shell/plate and solid elements.

Execute Model - FEM Loads - Add - Wind from the tree to add wind:

The following parameters have to be defined:

It is possible to apply wind in multiple direction. To do so, select Apply rule every option and set range and step of the application. It will create separate wind load for each step in the range. Directions of each wind in the range are calculated starting from the one selected in the Direction option.


Press to store pressure/velocity tabular data in the library.

Press to load a profile from the library:


It is possible to check if all or selected Wind Load is applied with actual Drag Coefficients that are defined in the model or if all loaded elements exist in Selection of respective Wind Load.

Drag Coefficients

Drag coefficients - used to quantify the drag or resistance of an object in a fluid environment. Press Set Drag Coefficient to define them in Y and Z directions:


It is possible to add coefficient for a user-defined selection or based on components/materials/properties/named selections (groups):


- preview only elements of the selected items;

- highlight all elements of the selected items;

- display a criteria plot with coefficient values of the selected items;

Wave Load

Wave Load - wave & current pressure (depth dependent) applied to the selection. Wave can be applied to the beam, bar or curved beam elements.

Execute Model - FEM Loads - Add - Wave from the tree to add wave:

To create it the following parameters should be defined in:

Result of calculations will be displayed in the grid, where:

To Apply Wave Load the following parameters should be defined:

Wave Coefficients

Open Wave Drag Coefficients Form to set coefficients. All coefficients can be applied to a particular elements depending on the requirements:

Coefficients can be plotted per elements:

Create Multiple Waves

After all the info is set up, wave forces can be applied to the structure by pressing “Apply” button. The window with all possible waves will be opened. Each row of the table represents a single wave with its parameters:

Mark selected waves and press OK to apply them in Ansys.

Note: When creating multiple waves, the new solution will be create with each wave at a different step.

It is also possible to Export forces to excel to check the force before applying:

When editing a single wave, it is possible to modify all the settings and pick a custom wave direction in the settings group box:

and select the solution and existing steps to apply the wave:

Diagnostic tool: