Component is a set of elements or nodes. It allows to store the important selection and to reuse it later in plots, tables, reports, etc.

Add Component

To create the component execute the Model - Component - Add menu command. Enter the title and select the component entity type: nodes or elements.

Add Component window | SDC Verifier

Make a selection using Selector Control and press OK to create the component.

It is possible to create Component using other components (that was created before).

Add Component | SDC Verifier

In the Selector Control press and then click Components. The list with existing components will be displayed.

Add Component Condition | SDC Verifier

Search - contains 2 useful commands: Go to ID and Filter names. Filter is case insensitive and checks if an item contains the Filter Word.

Import/Export to Groups:

Component_import | SDC Verifier

To import Groups from Components execute Components - Import from Groups. Selected items to import:

Component  Import to groups | SDC Verifier

To export Components to Groups execute Components - Export to Groups. Select items to export:

Component Export | SDC Verifier

Colored Plot

Open window to plot selected components in colors and put labels using Labels Plotter Control.


Create multiple components based on rules:

Create colored plot | SDC Verifier

Line Elements by Planes - recognize line elements by planes (XY, YZ, ZX, Other or All planes) and create separate component for each recognized connected group. Works in similarity to Beam Section Finder tool.

From Materials/Properties - create separate component from selected materials/properties;

between Sections - recognize group of elements between each two selected neighbor sections of certain type (X, Y or Z) from the list and create separate components. Elements of the sections are included in selection.