SDC Verifier

Main Menu

The Main Menu contains the following items:

Menu "File"

This menu contains the following commmands: create, open, save a project and edit its properties, etc.

New Project

To create a new project execute the command FileNew Project or Ctrl+N.

new project window

Get Active Model Path – inserts a full model path of Simcenter Active Model (*.sim file) into Model File Path.

Select Model File is the only obligatory to define, the rest are optional. Press to select the existing Simcenter model file. In the Project Details group box enter the project name, number and description.

The Prepared By includes information about the company, engineer that has prepared the project. This information is optional and it is not necessary to fill it in. But it can be rather helpful because when the report wizard is opened it is set automatically. To store Prepared By and Prepared For press ,or press to load it from the library.

Project Wizard

Project wizard is an extended version of a New Project which allows easily to setup your project:

  1. Project Details - possible to fill in project, engineer and customer details that will be used on the first page of the report;
  2. Jobs - calculation set that contains load and their combinations to be analyzed. Read more...;
  3. Load Sets - linear combination of result individual loads with factors. Read more...;
  4. Load Groups - an envelope of results that can contain individual loads, load sets or other load groups. Worst load can be found by using the load group results. Read more...;
  5. Report Wizard - choose one of the presented report types. After Finish button is pressed, report wizard will be opened automatically. Read more...;

Open Project

To Open a project execute FileOpen Project or Ctrl+O and select the file the extension *.sim. First SDC Verifier searches the model file in the directory where the project file (*.sdcv) is located and by the path stored in project. If the model file was found in two locations, then Choose File dialog box would appear:

Select one of the suggested files or press Browse to locate the model file.

Open as Template

Allow to open a project as template with the new model.

open template

- use current project file as template. Enabled only when current project is saved;

- get the path of the opened model in Simcenter. Enabled only when the model(*.sim) is saved.


Use the FileSave Project command to save the project file. The Simcenter Model file will not be saved.

Project Preferences

To set project preferences execute File - Preferences.


To prevent loosing of data in SDC Verifier use option Automatic Backup. It is possible to set the time intervals between the savings in minutes. By default, Automatic Backup is enabled and the time interval is 5 minutes. The Save With Model option allows to save the model after the project is saved. If SDC Verifier detects an unexpected exception, the file with the name "/Project Name/_restore.sdcb" will be created with the last project data.

Beside the automatic backup it is possible to Save Hourly Backup and Save Daily Backup. The interval between the saving is 5 minutes. The hourly backup is saved to separate files each hour starts. The daily backup overwrites the same file during the day. Set options to keep the amount of last saved files (from 1 to 20).

If the project is saved, the backup file is stored in the project directory with the name "/Project Name/_backup type_/date_time/.sdcb". If the project is not saved, the backup file is stored in the Model file directory with "/Model file Name/_backup type_/date_time/.sdcb". Where backup type is "autobackup", "backup" or "dailybackup":


The Network Options are recommended to be set only if the Internet connection is through Proxy Server and SDC Verifier fails to send the registration request or error reports.

The Scratch Folder option defines the location for storing temporary files during calculations.

Default view (center, rotation, magnification).

Use isometric view settings: rotation around X axis = 35.26439°; around Y = -45°; around Z = 0°. Center and magnification values are obtained after the model is auto scaled.

Rotation around X axis = 35.26439°; around Y = -45°; around Z = 0°. Center and magnification values are obtained after the model is auto scaled.

If Warning about rows count over limit is selected a warning message for the tables with the row count more than the limitation count will be displayed. Generation tables that do not match the condition will not be displayed in the report.

Global Constants. Density and Gravity values are used as default in Tank and Buoyancy loads.

Report Settings:

Update model before report generation - show notification to update the model information from Simcenter before the report generation.

Recalculate jobs before report generation - clear all results for Load Sets and Load Groups and recalculate them.

Fix Small Numbers Format - if a number is not zero, but after formatting display 0 then the number is shown in the scientific format.

Load Type in Load Title - display full type (e.g. Individual load) or abbreviation (e.g. IL) in a title of the load chapter.

Simcenter window size - a graphic window resolution in Simcenter. Use current size or set custom width and height.

SDC Verifier does not update automatically the model from Simcenter. To prevent problems with different models in Simcenter and SDC Verifier check the option Update model before analysis.

Show confirmation before deleting - display the message with confirmation.

Results saving

Select the type of results to be stored to the disk - load or check results by the selected load types.

Other commands

To edit the opened project data execute the FileProperties command. The Edit Project dialog box will appear. This dialog box is like the New Project dialog box, but the model file name cannot be changed and the Apply button is enabled.

The Update Model menu item reads model data from Somcenter and synchronizes model nodes, elements, loads, etc. in the model and the project.

The Recent Projects menu contains last 8 recently opened projects.

The FileQuit menu command closes SDC Verifier and asks if the project has to be saved.


Menu "Settings"

This menu contains:

  • Unit System is used for the conversion units in check calculations;
  • Legend Settings - define the legend style for different results categories;
  • Number Formats - define display the style of numbers in the tables;
  • View - defines how plots are displayed.
  • Edit Library - manage Standards, Wind, Number Format and Legend Settings libraries;

Menu "Model"

The following commands for the operations under the model entities are available in this menu:

  • Add, Edit, Remove for:
    - Component;
    - Material;
    - Property;
    - FEM Load;
    - Constraint.
  • Update Model – update the model from Simcenter.

Menu "Recognition"

These menu commands are for the model recognition:

  • Joints Finder - finds joints (1D, 2D,3D,beam-plate and user joints);
  • Beam Member Finder - recognizes length in y, z and torsional direction;
  • Panel Finder - finds sections, plates and dimensions automatically.
  • Weld Finder - recognizes welds on the model.

Menu "Job"

This menu contains the following list of commands to add Job or its entities:

Menu "Tools"

The menu contains following items:

  • Free Edge - automatically finds free edges between the elements.
  • Mass and COG Table - mass and centre of the gravity table;
  • Moment Ratio - calculates the moment ratio on the ends of the member found by Beam Member Finder;
  • Export Model to File - export nodes and elements ids, element types to a text file. (no coordinates and property details). The purpose of the file is to share the data with SDC helpdesk without sending the model:

Menu "Standard"

Add predefined and custom standards:

Menu "Post-Processing"

Add Governing loads and Peak finder tools:

Menu "Results"

The following commands can be found in this menu:

  • Analyze project - analyze the selected loads in Simcenter and calculate the selected standards at once;
  • Results Manager - select the folder with the saved result files;

Menu "Report"

This menu contains the commands to add Report Wizard, Report Designer templates and Presentation Designer:

  • Empty - Job and load contents are included;
  • Model Setup - an Information about the model entities;
  • Results - Extreme Tables for Displacement and Stress categories;
  • Full -Model Setup and Extreme Tables with all requested in Job results for each Load in each Job.


Help Topics

Opens an online help on General Information page.

License Manager

It is used to manage the license or request it. For more detailed information see Licensing.

Quick Support

Run Quick Support Team Viewer Client. With it help SDC Verifier provides the support using connection to the client desktop.

Quick support

Open log file

Open the file that contains a detailed information about errors. It is recommended to send this file and the error description to


Gives the possibility to send a feedback.


Check For Update

Check if a new version is available.

Latest version


Opens SDC Verifier home page.


Opens SDC Verifier tutorial page.


Dialog with SDC Verifier information

About SDC