Getting Started

List of supported by SDC Verifier CAE versions can be checked here.


After the installation SDC Verifier is not licensed. The License Manager will appear automatically:

License Manager SDC Verifier

Note: The demo version with limitation to 2000 nodes models was removed in version 5.2. It is required to request a trial license in order to evaluate SDC Verifier.

SDC Verifier supports three license types:

To install a single computer, trial or floating license select the option LICENSE FILE and press three dots to browse the license file. Press OK to accept the license file.

If you don't have a license click Request License.

Request a License

First, select the license type: trial, single computer or floating.

Request License Window | SDC Verifier

Fill in Company, Contact Person, E-Mail, Telephone, select CAE programs and required modules and press Generate.

To send a license request using default Mail Client click Send. Alternatively, copy the request data and send it manually to

Floating License Installation

The floating license server is located on the Internet and it is not required to set up and configure any additional software on the company servers.

Simply execute Help - License Manager from the main menu. Browse the license file (*.wlin) and press OK.

SDC Verifier Floating License request

If the license is accepted, the following message will appear:

Floating License message |SDC Verifier

In case if all available licenses are used, the server replies with:

SDC Verifier License message

SDC Verifier will continue to request the license from a server:

SDC Verifier License Request

Note: If in your company the software which limits access to internet resources is used, please, add an exception to the following resources:,, and

Borrow License

For floating license type it is possible to borrow a license. An offline license file for a single computer from 1 to 14 days will be created. The borrowing request should be sent from the computer where the license will be used:

SDC Verifier License Borrow

Select the borrowing period and specify the name of the single computer license and press OK.

The number of floating licenses will be decreased on one for the requested period automatically.

Proxy settings

If proxy software is used to limit access to internet resources, floating license requests can fail and SDC Verifier will be not licensed. Press Proxy Settings on License Manager form to configure proxy settings:

Proxy settings Window | SDC Verifier

Auto-detect proxy - used by default when no proxy software is used. Default system web proxy settings will be used. If this option is turned off, the proxy settings have to be set manually.

If proxy authentication is used by the proxy software, it is necessary to fill in the username and password.

Note: Proxy settings are encrypted and stored on the local machine.

Note: Request proxy settings details from a network administrator if it is necessary.

Alternatively, proxy settings can be configured in Preferences.

In case of any questions, suggestions or problems please send an e-mail to or visit the site