Job – the calculation set that contains loads and their combinations to be calculated with the defined calculation options.

The Job supports static analysis, buckling analysis and custom analysis (run predefined analysis in Simcenter for Individual Loads defined in SDC Verifier and imported results). The Job consists of the following components:

Add Job

The following dialog will be displayed:


Alternatively, execute Job - Add from context menu.

The following dialog will be displayed:


If Automatically create Individual Loads from FEM Loads and Constraints is checked then Individual Loads for the calculations (see the chapter Individual Loads ) will be created from the combinations of all FEM Loads and all Constraints.

Automatically create Individual Loads From Output Sets will create the Individual Loads from all existing results (see the chapter Individual Loads ) by one Simcenter Result per load.

To set Nastran options for Analysis press Define...


General Solver options are used by Linear Static and Linear Buckling analysis. The rest options are related to the linear buckling analysis.

Requested Results allows defining what category of results has to be analyzed and read from Simcenter. By default, Displacement, Stress, Applied, Reactions Force and Element Force are requested.

An analysis selection defines on what elements the analysis will be run.

A results selection - the elements for which the results have to be read.

Solid Stress/Strain - read centroid or corner results for solid elements;

Plate Stress/Strain - read centroid or corner results for plate elements;

By default, all loads are included in the Analysis. Select Job in the model tree:


Press Select Loads to be Analyzed on the Job Workplane to select the loads for Analysis:

Jobs select for analysis | SDC Verifier


To analyze multiple Jobs / Standards execute Job - Analyze from the main menu:


Press OK to run the analysis for selected jobs and calculate standards for all the loads.

Skip Analyzed Jobs - analyzed jobs (all Individual Loads have results) will be skipped.

Skip Jobs and Standards with Results - loads with results won't be recalculated (if option Skip Analyzed Jobs is checked);

To analyze single Job execute Job - Analyze from the Job context menu:


Alternatively, click on the toolbar icon to analyze:



Job of Jobs

The job of jobs is a special job to create load combinations based on individual loads from other jobs and envelopes based on loads from other jobs.

To create Job of jobs execute Job - Add Job of Jobs from the main menu:


Select referenced Jobs:


It is not possible to create Individual Loads in Job of Jobs, only referenced Individual Loads can be used to create Load Sets:

Analyze command for Job of jobs will run the analysis for all referenced jobs.