Optimization Tutorial

25 Oct 2021 v2021
  • SDC for Femap
  • SDC for Ansys

This step-by-step tutorial demonstrates the interface of SDC Verifier Optimization.


The Optimization module automatically helps take the best possible design decision based on code checking results. Optimization can be based on Cross Section, Yield Stress, and Young Modulus parameters.

  • Jacket Model members are Optimized based on AISC 360-10 results;
  • Shape Library Overview;
  • Optimization Rules Overview;
  • Results Comparison;
  • Automatic Beam Cross Section Change.

Download Optimization Tutorial for SDC Verifier

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AnsysFemapSimcenter 3D
2021Optimization Tutorial for Ansys and SDC Verifier 2021Optimization Tutorial for Femap and SDC Verifier 2021

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