SDC Verifier
Key Features of SDC Verifier

Key Features of SDC Verifier

    • Easy to use interface;


    • Quick support with Team Viewer for direct online help on your computer;


    • Fully incorporated in FEMAP;


    • Advanced standard based calculation structure;


    • Large reduction in CPU time;


    • Checking new load combinations without need to recalculate the model;


    • Load Group results facilitates quick overview of all relevant checks and all load combinations;


    • Tools for applying complicated loads (tank load, and buoyancy pressure on hull, wind load );


    • Advanced Model recognition tools: Joints Finder, Beam Member Finder, Panel Finder;


    • Rule-based selector;


    • Save complete calculation procedure and re-apply to new project;


    • Report wizard for quick documentation and report designer for completely customizable report;


    • Standard reports for complete Model setup and quick result generation;


    • Generation of reports in MS Word .docx and .pdf formats;


    • Update complete calculation procedure with 1 click: (Re)generate calculation report;


    • Link SDC Verifier with a parametric model to fully automatic checks on your complete product range;


    • Save settings of plots and tables for all calculated results;


    • Large range of tables for fast overview of important results;


    • Direct link with MS excel for export of all tables;


    • Extensive Beam library (for all rolled sections and a specially welded box with stiffeners);


    • Incorporated complicated checks for example for fatigue, plate and beam member buckling;


    • Standard library for saving complete set of checks;


    • Characteristics for defining extra properties to (sets of) elements;


    • Custom checks with a formula editor with input from characteristics and all FEM model properties.