10 Reasons to Use SDC Verifier

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1. No step by step checking but complete verification at once

In a typical design process, the design is modified by an increasing number of design requirements. For example, first static strength, then stiffness rules and after that more complex criteria as buckling stability, modal behavior, and fatigue life calculation. With SDC Verifier the complete verification procedure can be stored and reapplied to an updated model.

2. Track possible problems early in the design phase

A completely structural check can be made at all steps in the design process. The impact of a design change on all design criteria can be studied at once.

3. Reduces deadline pressure

Because of the possibility to save the complete calculation procedure, SDC Verifier especially gains time in the crucial final design phase. Late design changes can be easily incorporated in the final approval documents by simply regenerating the customized report.

4. Kills routine/focus on engineering

SDC Verifier provides effective tools to minimize routine work. No more boring repetitive calculation and reporting tasks, so engineers can do more in less time.

5. Predefined and customizable Checks

A lot of simple and complicated checks are directly available. For example plate and beam buckling, Fatigue, Deflection and Moment and Shear Force graphs. Because of the open structure of the software, a non-defined formula or model characteristic can be easily created.

6. Complete verification and approval according to standards

Create check standard once and use them in other projects. Store your work in libraries.

7. Model selection and recognition.

For the presentation of results and for checking of complicated rules, model recognition tools are essential. Divide your design into sections, keep your selections automatically up to date and find beam members and plate panels and calculate the relevant properties.

8. Keep your work from project to project

A complete set of rules or even the complete calculation procedure can be saved and re-used.

9. Software developed by users

We always use SDC Verifier for our engineering projects, this gives us valuable insight into the need for engineers and designers.

10. Industry dedicated solutions

For different industries special solutions are developed: for the maritime sector, buoyancy and tank load modules and a plate buckling checking model is developed.

The crane and civil engineering industry benefits from the simplified procedure to apply wind and snow load to a structure, the library of beam sections, the beam member finder, the beam member load tables and the fatigue life calculation modules.

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