SDC Verifier

All-in-one software solution for structural design, FEA analysis, and verification according to standards

SDC Verifier can be used independently or in tandem with Ansys, Femap, and Simcenter 3D.

SDC Verifier automates the verification of the FEA model against predefined industry standards, design codes, rules and regulations, or your own criteria.

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    Modern FEA Interface

    Effortlessly integrate your drawings, 3D files, or existing finite element models from any software into our platform. Craft your designs seamlessly through a contemporary, user-friendly graphical interface that simplifies the entire process.

    Efficient Modeling

    Create models swiftly and effortlessly by altering only the essential input parameters. Our parametric modeling feature streamlines the model-building process, saving you time and effort.

    Proven Nastran Solver

    Harness the power of a cutting-edge Nastran solver for in-depth design analysis. Our platform combines the excellence of the renowned Nastran simulation with SDC Verifier’s capabilities, empowering engineers to tackle diverse tasks with just a few clicks.

    Combine the power of modeling, simulation, calculation, code checking with import/export capabilities. Skip multiple transitions between dedicated modeling, simulation, and verification programs with SDC Verifier.

    Loads and Combinations

    SDC Verifier Load Combinations

    SDC Verifier provides users with an interface to quickly and conveniently combine all design loads into load combinations.

    Instead of focusing on the overall load combination, SDC Verifier separately calculates the effects of different base loads on the structure. The overall response of a structure and the load effect in real situations is obtained by combining the results of these basic loads into load combinations.

    SDC Verifier automates the application of the following loads:

    Buoyancy Load

    Buoyancy Load

    A water pressure acting on a construction (e.g. ship hull) including wave parameters.

    Tank Ballast

    Tank Ballast

    Fluid level based on a mass content transferred into a pressure level on a tank surface.

    Wind Load

    Wind Load

    Height dependent pressure applied to the model taking into account the element area exposed to the wind direction.

    Wave and current loads

    Wave and Current Loads

    Apply force and pressure based on wave parameters (height, length, crest, amplitude, etc.).

    Automatic detection of structural items

    Automatically recognize joints, connections, beams, welds, plates, and other structural items with SDC Verifier Recognition Tools.

    joint finder icon

    Joint and
    Connections Finder

    Joint and Connections Finder recognizes the different types of connections in 1D models to determine buckling length and further use in Joint Checks.

    image 6
    beam member finder icon

    Beam Member Finder

    Beam Member Finder detects beam members’ lengths in 3 directions (Y, Z, and Torsion). Buckling length is calculated between the joints and does not depend on the model mesh.

    image 7
    weld finder icon

    Weld Finder

    Weld Finder detects welds and automatically transforms the stresses from the element’s local coordinate system into the weld direction for further use in fatigue and weld strength calculations.

    image 8
    panel finder icon

    Panel Finder

    Panel Finder automatically recognizes sections, plates, and stiffeners with the dimensions (length, width, thickness, and orientation) used in plate buckling calculations.

    image 9


    all std

    SDC Verifier checks your model against a wide range of standards from the built-in library or custom ones. SDC Verifier’s engineering standards library contains more than 35+ different rules and regulations (design codes) that define the boundary conditions and properties of steel structures or structural elements (connections, beams, plates, welds, etc.) for various industries (offshore and marine, oil and gas, heavy lifting, machinery, equipment, civil engineering, aerospace, piping and petrochemical, renewable energy, railway).

    Post-processing tools

    governing loads icon

    Governing loads tool extracts the critical loads out of a large group of load combinations. Save time focusing on important situations instead of checking each and every.

    peak finder icon

    Peak Finder finds all peak zones based on output results and presents them using a special plot and a summary table. The peaks for any simple FEA results as stresses, strains or displacements can be found, but also all available results from the SDC Verifier checks (Fatigue, Beam Buckling, etc.)

    free bodies icon

    Freebody – calculates a balanced set of forces/moments on a chosen part of a model. It is possible to retrieve internal/external loads to be used for substructure modeling or find contact/connector forces by manipulating with a custom selection of nodes/elements.


    image 10

    The Optimization module helps to take the best possible design decision acquired from code-checking results. Optimization can be based on Cross Section, Weld Type, Yield Stress, and Plate Thickness parameters.

    Optimization can save time on repetitive tasks by calculating different combinations of design input, and also help make the structure more cost-effective by adjusting the existing model parts for specific terms of usage.

    Download SDC Verifier with Structural Design Optimization

    Automatic REPORTING

    Report Designer is an advanced tool for automatic reports generation. Reports in SDC Verifier have a template-based structure and contain model setup, model description, and calculated results presented as plots and tables. In case of any changes in the analysis process, all results could be regenerated with one click.

    It is possible to preview and print the report in Report Designer or export to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format for further editing.

    Automatic report generation can save a lot of time for preparing and presenting the calculation results.

    Download SDC Verifier with Automatic Reporting

    image 11