Create Stress Summary Table over loads

Extreme Flow Table gives a possibility to preview the worst results on selection for several loads. An overview can be done for any category of results (stress, displacement, strain, etc.) requested in an analysis.

The following example demonstrates how to create absolute stress overview for all load sets (combinations).

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Execute Extreme Flow Table from Tables context menu:

Extreme Flow Table from Tables context menu

2. Press the following button to select loads. In the displayed windows press LS to select all Load Sets (Combinations):

load section

3. Define Table Options (Show Absolute Stress among all stress directions):

Category: Stress (can be any results requested in analysis)

Table Type: Parameter over Directions;

Parameter: Absolute;

Define Table Options

4. Press Fill Table to display results:

Define Table Options

5. Modify Options (to display min/max/abs stress for X direction):

Table Type: Direction over Parameters;

Direction: X;

Press Fill Table.

Modify Options (to display min/max/abs stress for X direction)