Do you offer limited functionality packages?  

SDC Verifier has a flexible model, so we can provide you with a solution if the full functionality of the software is not required in your engineering routine. For such instances, we have developed special SDC Apps that are dedicated to specific checks or groups of checks (for example, fatigue checks). Apps are available as a single computer subscription for one year.  

This page contains a table of SDC Apps availability in different version of SDC Verifier

SDC Apps Availability
SDC App SDC Verifier
2021 R2 2022 R1 2022 R2 2023 R1 2023 R1.1 2023 R2
Beam Member Check App
Plate & Stiffener Buckling App
Fatigue App
Weld Strength App
Reporting and SPDM App
AISC Beam Member Check App
Eurocode 3 Beam Member App
Beam Member and Joint Checks App
Bolt Check App
Optimization Module