How to get started with SDC for Ansys?

SDC Verifier starts from the Workbench:

  1. Find SDC Verifier in the list;
  2. Drag item to the Project Schematic;
  3. Attach model;
  4. Double click to run SDC Verifier;

Note: Minimum supported version of Ansys is 18.2.

SDC Verifier in Ansys Workbench

Note: new SDC project will be created if model is opened first time with SDC Verifier. In case one SDC project is saved, it will be opened automatically. List of saved SDC projects will be displayed otherwise:

Open SDC project in Ansys Workbench


SDC projects are saved together with a workbench project. If the workbench project will not be saved, SDC project changes will be lost.