Table on weld selection (always up to date)

A selector is a powerful tool that helps to make complicated selections using a variety of rules. One of the biggest benefits of the selection is that it is always up to date.

The following example demonstrates how to create extreme weld stress table on a weld selection.

Requirements: The Femap model has to contain plate elements. At least one load in SDC project should be defined

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Execute Recognition – Weld Finder tool from the main menu:

Welds menu

2. Press Find Welds and OK.

Welds_Weld Finder

3. Execute Extreme – Weld Stress from Tables context menu:


1. Execute Extreme – Weld Stress from Tables context menu:


2. Press the following button and select condition Welds – All Welds.


Operation: Add:


3. Press the Preview button to preview weld elements. Press OK to save table:


Few stiffeners were added to the model. The only one thing that should be done to have our selection up to date – recognize welds again in Weld Finder (step 1).

Open weld stress table and check the selection. An amount of elements changed from 7593 to 7974: