How to upgrade to the latest Ansys version?

Download the latest version on the website or request link from

Current version of SDC Verifier should be uninstalled. Execute Start Menu -> Add or remove programs:

Upgrade SDC-Ansys Plugin

Find SDC Verifier and press Uninstall:

Upgrade SDC-Ansys Plugin

SDC-Ansys Plugin in Workbench also should be uninstalled. Execute Extensions – ACT Start Page and press Manage Extensions:

Ansys ACT Start Page

Click on Unload extension:

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After plugin is unloaded, execute Uninstall command:

Unload SDC-Ansys Plugin

When previous version was removed, new version can be installed:

Unload SDC-Ansys Plugin

First run SDCVerifierSetup.exe file and follow setup wizard. When installation is complete, install new wbex SDC-Ansys Plugin in Workbench:

Install SDC-Ansys Plugin instructions