Floating License

Setup a floating license in SDC Verifier is very easy. The floating license server is located on the internet and it is not required to setup and configure any additional software on company's servers.

To get a floating license file (*.wlin) contact Reseller in your region or write an email to support@sdcverifier.com. If proxy servers are used in your company please add proxy settings information to your request.

Install SDC Verifier and run it. Execute Help - License Manager from Main Menu. Choose Floating License option, browse license file (*.wlin) and press OK.

Floating License SDC Verifier

If the license is accepted the following message will be displayed: Floating License message:

Floating License obtained

In case all available licenses are used server replies with Demo License message

Floating License not obtained

Note: If in your company is used software which limits access to internet resources please add exception for the following resources: http://floating.sdcverifier.com and http://backupfloating.sdcverifier.com