What’s New in SDC Verifier 5.0.1


  • Report Layout: Multiple rows for footer and header;
  • Mass overview on selection;
  • Weld Finder additional filter options;
  • Show min/max for groups in flow and summation tables;
  • Add selection in thickness plot tool.

Bug fixes:

  • Beam elements were not shown on plots when connected to plates;
  • Direction of wind and snow load;
  • Recognition of beam-plate joints;
  • Export tables to excel – forbidden symbols or more than 25 characters;
  • Add nodes manually in Joint Finder;
  • Wrong values on thickness plot;
  • Custom Logo issue in report layout header/footer;
  • Fill tables in report wizard issue;
  • Editing drag coefficients;
  • Generate properties in report as tapered;
  • Beams was not included in Fatigue Summation plots;
  • Peak Zone plot was not shown, only labels;