Version History

SDC Verifier 2021 R2.0.2

  • Wave Load and Wave Coefficients are included (Ansys);
  • Parameter to check if minimum gap is 51 mm is added to expand joint check table according to API RP 2A-LRFD (1st, 1993);

  • Showing deformations when plotting results of Load Sets was removed (Ansys);
  • Results of related checks were not cleared automatically after classification was modified;
  • Fixed deformation time when plotting results with deformations in case when time does not correspond step number (Ansys);
  • Rainflow Counting Tool:
    • Options were not saved to project file;
    • Time History was not used when calculating results for the table;
  • Wind Load:
    • Wind was applied in opposite direction for beam elements (Ansys);
    • Fixed applying of wind to solid elements (Ansys);
    • Fixed applying wind to inclined to wind direction plate/solid elements when using projected area or velocity component option (Femap);
  • Auto SPC and Analysis Program options were not changed in Linear Static analysis settings window (Femap);
  • Flow Table:
    • Table was missed in the list of tables to be imported from the Job in Report Designer;
    • Loads from only first Job in the project were set after reopening Report Designer;
    • Not all points of interest were displayed;
  • Fixed importing of Legend Settings, Number Formats and Standards libraries from versions below 2021 R2;
  • Disabled possibility to change Model Unit System (Ansys);

  • Fixed restoring governing loads results for Custom Checks from files for models with more than 100,000 elements;
  • Crash appeared when removing item in standard Types window;
  • Crash appeared when trying to map shapes for multiple properties;

  • Support of Ansys 2021 R2. (Warning: corner stresses for beams are not read in SDC Verifier for this version of Ansys.)
  • Eurocode3 Plate Buckling (EN 1993-1-5, 2006) standard.
  • Eurocode3 Connections (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) for RHS connections standard.
  • Eurocode3 Fire Design (EN 1993-1-2, 2005) wizard.

  • ASME B31.8-2018 standard. (Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems)

  • Calculate Class 4 of cross section as Class 3 by reducing Yield Stress to pass the limit for Class 3 option is added to Eurocode3 Members (EN 1993-1-1, 2005) standard.

  • Overall Check is added to AISC ASD 89 (9th, 1989) standard.
  • Rainflow Counting Tool – calculate cycles from stress ranges.

  • Load History for Load Groups – create load history from included loads in Load Group.
  • Commands to copy SDC Verifier project files between systems in Ansys Workbench:
    • Duplicate – duplicate SDC Verifier system with all related project files and keep the link to the same Workbench Model;
    • Import File – pick SDC Verifier project file to copy from the file system manually;
    • Import From Same Model – select project files from the list to be imported to current SDC Verifier system from all systems that are connected to the same Workbench Model;
    • Import As Template – select project files from the list to be imported to current SDC Verifier system from all systems that are not connected to the current Workbench Model.

  • Export results to Ansys command – select plots from the list of predefined plots in Jobs and Standards and create them in Ansys Mechanical without evaluating them:

  • Import/Export project parts (Views, Components, Reports, Recognition Tools) to files to be used between SDC Verifier Projects:

  • Import Shapes to the library from Excel templates:

  • Flow Table for Weld Checks (Full Weld method):

  • Select recognition items (Joints, Beam Members, etc.) by picking elements on a model or by text rule (by IDs of elements, properties, etc.) commands:

  • Connection Check is included in Peak Finder and Governing Load tools.
  • New variables in Connection Check to get results from braces other than the calculated brace:

  • Plot classification values (criteria plot) and labels (colored plot) options.
  • Display warnings on project opening (for example if recognition tools contain missing elements):

  • Open project statistics by double-clicking Nodes/Elements info:

  • Open location of the model in the file system by double-clicking Model Path info:

  • “Read Each Body as Separate Property” option is added in Preferences (Ansys).
  • Export to Excel command in create/edit multiple Load Sets and Load Groups windows.
  • Recognition recovery for Connection Finder Tool.
  • Save/Load Fatigue Summation and Connection checks to library.
  • Report improvements:
    • Content of Fatigue Groups;
    • Wind/Wave Y and Z drag coefficients in one table;
    • Connection Check tables/plots;
    • Deflection Check tables/plots.
  • Export Joints from Joint Finder Tool as separate components.

  • FKM (5th, 2003):
    • Incorrect brackets were used in “Mean stress factor_Type F2“ parameter of check “2..Fatigue Check”;
    • Values in Table 5.7.1 are updated not to use 12345678 number for non-existing factors as it provided a non-conservative results.
  • EN 13001 (2018):
    • Parameter “Damage root m” was removed from check “2..Fatigue (Direct Use of Stress History)”;
    • Added square root in Overall direction for parameter “Fatigue Damage” in checks “2..Fatigue (Direct Use of Stress History)” and “3..Fatigue (Simplified method)”.
  • Eurocode 3 Welds (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) – Minimum Yield/Tensile was not used from the Weld Finder Tool but was always taken from calculated element.
  • Failed to read centroid stresses from elements other than plates/solids (Simcenter).
  • Incorrect restoring of governing loads for Custom Checks from SDC Verifier result files when Custom Check was calculated on more than 100,000 elements.
  • Plotting with labels (for example, in Classification) crashed the program (Ansys).
  • Same result folder was used if to copy SDC Verifier project manually in file system that leaded to results overwriting.
  • Peak Finder:
    • Failed to calculate for checks that do not require load for calculations;
    • Display Load Set content percentage without negative values and scaled to get 100% in summary.
  • Save/Load standards from library fixes (classification type, parameter limit).
  • Fixed recognition of panels/plates in Panel Finder Tool on models where beam and plate borders met at the same time.
  • Highlight beam member on a model cleared labels (Simcenter).
  • Incorrect location of Normal Stresses Phase factor option in DVS 1608 and DVS 1612 wizard: moved from Steel Fatigue to Aluminum Fatigue block.
  • Incorrect conversion of cross-section properties (Area, Iyy, Izz, etc.) from units stored in Shape Library to units defined in Model Unit System.
  • Displayed unit system was used in report materials and properties instead of Model unit system.
  • Force and Pressure units could not be edited in Display Unit System.
  • Empty title displayed for contour plot in Mechanical (Ansys).

SDC Verifier 2021 R1.1

  • Brace Classification tool – calculates brace types (K, TY, X) and total gap for braces from Connection Finder Tool.

  • Brace Stress Tool:
    • Calculate stresses for rectangular hollow sections and I-beams;
    • Calculate axial and bending forces/stresses on chord elements from both sides of the brace connected to the chord;

  • Connection check – create custom calculations for connections using dimensions from Connection Finder Tool, forces/moments/stresses from Brace Stresses Tool, and brace Type (K, TY, X) from Brace Classification Tool:

  • Beam Member Diagram for custom checks – display result distribution per sub/beam members from Beam Member Finder tool:

  • Beam Member Diagram for Jobs – added possibility to pick result category (e.g. Stress, Displacement) instead of embedded Line Element Force result category;
  • Plate Buckling DNV 2010 – added option for user input of ‘Design Lateral Pressure’ parameter:

  • Norsok N004, Rev3 – added option to calculate non-tubular shapes according to Eurocode3 (EN- EN1993-1-1, 2005) standard:

  • Eurocode3 Bolts (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) – wizard is added:

  • Rule Selector Control:
    • Select connections from Connection Finder Tool from the list or by components;
    • Select element/nodes by text condition:

  • Shape Library:
    • Added new shapes from standards (DIN 1015: 1972, EU 79-69, EU 19-57, CSN 42 5541: 1977 etc.);
    • Filter shapes by Source;
    • Create selected shapes directly in Femap/Ansys Mechanical:

  • Peak Finder – added options for plotting average value on zone;
  • Stress Gradient Tool – contour plot is added;
  • Load Selector – filter loads by text;


  • Eurocode 3 Member Standard (EN 1993-1-8):
    • Flange Class and consequently Cross Section Class calculations for rectangular tube cross section used too conservative approach;
    • Limit 3 for defining Web Class returned always 0;

  • FKM (6th, 2010):
    • “Stress Ratio” parameter in checks “3..Fatigue (constant amplitude stress spectrum)” and “4..Fatigue (variable amplitude stress spectrum)” was out of the range [-1; 1] for situations where minimum weld stress was higher in absolute value than maximum weld stress.
    • Equivalent degree of utilization_Non welded” parameter in “2..Static Stress Check” contained division on 0 for welded parts that resulted in a high utilization factor.
    • “Stress Ratio” parameter retuned infinity if SWeldMin = SWeldMax = 0;

  • DVS 1608 and 1612:
    • Division on 0 occurred in check “2..Steel Fatigue Check (DVS 1612)” if parameter “Kappa “ = 1;
    • “Stress Ratio” parameter in “3..Aluminum Fatigue Check (DVS 1608)” returned negative infinity if SWeldMax = 0;
  • Plate Buckling DNV 2010 in check ‘3..Stiffener Buckling Results’:
    • P0 is set to 0 if Psi >= -1.5;
    • formula of Qsd parameter is changed for Abs(Psd) < P0 to take the worst value between Psd+P0 and Psd-P0;
  • Incorrect linking of result files for some of the loads for SDC Verifier projects that contain more than 10 Jobs;
  • Mechanical crashed when reading results for beam elements if Beam Section result was turned on;
  • Failed to read strain results for all models (Ansys);
  • Failed to calculate Global Plate stresses for Load Groups;
  • Results were not cleared in Joint Check according to ISO 19902 (1st, 2007) after factors (Gamm R,q and Gamma R,j) had been changed in the settings;
  • Joint Finder – failed to recognize fixed joints for constraints in case constraint included same nodes;
  • Wind Load was not reapplied if it was not linked to any Individual Load (Femap);
  • Wind Load did not take into account modified drag coefficients when reapplying existing Wind Loads (Femap, Ansys);
  • Peak Finder – table was not added after Peak Finder had been edited;
  • Weld Finder:
    • Duplicated welds were recognized if “Keep all modified” or “Keep all existing” action was selected for existing welds;
    • Weld Tips elements were added to the weld elements in the Weld Finder tool after accessing Weld Stresses results for the first time;
    • Failed to recognize welds in Weld Finder tool on model contacts with shell elements that included mid-side nodes (Ansys);
  • Fatigue Group – number format crash appeared when modifying cycles but existing cycles contained spaces (e.g. ‘2 000 000’);
  • Incorrect selection of weld parts by angles in Rule Selector if the angle between normal vectors of weld parts was more than 90 degrees;
  • Analyzing not all loads that exist in the Job cleared results for all loads (Femap);
  • Failed to write results to files for custom checks for huge models;
  • Memory overflow in custom checks when estimating necessary RAM for results on a huge model (~800 000 elements) and ~50 parameters in the check;
  • Stress Gradient Tool – results shifted if the element did not fit the condition (e.g. beam/solid element was selected for Thickness condition, or element without a free edge was selected for Inward condition);
  • Results of checks were cleared if to rename Individual Load (Ansys);
  • Included saving of Principal Stress results for Individual Loads and Load Sets to the files (calculation performance for checks that use Principal Stresses was increased);
  • Plate Buckling Module - beam buckling module was required to load the project;
  • Incorrect expand table for Job was opened from the Components Extreme Table of the custom check;
  • Crash when opening help topics on the Check Table node;

SDC Verifier 2021 R1


  • Support of new CAE: Ansys 2021 R1, Simcenter Femap 2021.1;
  • FKM – Analytical stress assessment of components made of steel, cast iron and aluminum materials in mechanical engineering (6th edition, 2012) in beta;



  • Eurocode 3 (EN1993-1-1, 2005, Design of Steel Structures, clause 6.3 Buckling resistance of members): circular/rectangular bars and T shapes were included;
  • DVS 1612 (Design and endurance strength analysis of steel welded joints in rail-vehicle construction). Static stress check was included;
  • AIJ (2005 Edition, 2017). Design Standard for Steel Structures, based on Allowable Stress Concept.  Beam members (beta);



  • AS 3990 (1993). (Mechanical equipment—Steelwork, Section 5 Design of Beams)  Beam members (beta);



  • ASME 8 (Div2, 2010)  (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Alternative Rules) – user input for fatigue penalty factor was added;
  • Shapes Library:
    • Overview of shape properties, display selected shape with dimensions;
    • Filtering on shape type, height, width, area etc.;
    • Group shapes in custom lists and reuse them in Optimization Tool;
    • Store existing shapes from the FE model to Shape Library;
  • Principal Stress result category in tables/plots, usage of principal stresses in custom checks formulas was added:


  • Connection Finder tool – recognize beam-beam connection;
  • Brace Stresses tool – axial, in-plane, and out-of-plane bending stresses for braces recognized by  Connection Finder tool;
  • Usage of new Femap API methods was implemented to avoid obsolete API warning in Femap 2020 and above when reading results/plotting;
  • Reading of corner stresses for beams was added if Beam Section option is turned on (Ansys);
  • Reading of connections (contacts) information was added (Ansys);
  • Weld Finder updates:
    • Automatic recognition of welds on the edge/nodal connections (contacts) (Ansys, Femap);
    • Add solid weld manually to calculate weld strength;
    • Automatic origin offset for beam/plate weld parts using average thickness from neighbor weld parts;
    • Include weld tips elements when previewing/highlighting welds;
  • Optimization Tool. Apply optimal shape directly in the FE model (Femap, Ansys);
  • Display Load Set content (per Individual Load with factors) results from Expand Table;
  • Open Expand Table on necessary selection(s) directly from Components Extreme Table;
  • Show results over all points in Expand Flow Table and not only total. Extra options were added;
  • Report Improvements:
    • Custom report structure – items are not automatically sorted under load/selection chapters;
    • Connections (contacts) information was added (Femap, Ansys);
    • Replace standard for the set of result items;
    • Create Peak Finder Table directly in the report;
    • Load Set content (per Individual Load with factors) for Peak Finder Table and Governing Loads tool options included;
  • Automatically updatable default titles in all result items (e.g. tables/plots) were included;
  • Variables in check formulas to convert forces from/into necessary units were added;

Bug Fixes:

DVS 1612. The Sign of Y stress was not taken into account in Equivalent UF calculations. Allowable Fatigue Strength parameter for shear directions was updated to use minimum value between fatigue and static allowable fatigue strengths;

DNV RP-C-203 Fatigue (2016). Calculations were done for each Principal Stress instead of maximum Principal Stress;

Eurocode3 Members (EN1993-1-1, 2005). Swapped Y/Z shear resistance for I-shape (Ansys);

Effective Width Tool – Lateral Pressure used shear force in the plane of a plate. Updated to use shear force perpendicular to a plate;

DNV 2010 Stiffener Buckling check. Shear force (VSd parameter) was always 0;

EN 13001 (2018) – calculate combined damage (formula 41) as maximum from each orthogonal direction plus respective shears instead of summation of all directions;

Read combined stresses for beams instead of axial stress only (Ansys);

Contour plot for custom checks – swapped top/bottom results for shells (Ansys);

Convert stresses of weld tips elements into weld direction was missed;

View location and magnification were not stored to the project (Ansys);

Reading of results when the analysis was done on part of the model failed (Simcenter 3D);

Create sub-steps from Individual Loads with the same name in solution issue (Simcenter 3D);

Recognition recovery failed for joints (Ansys);

2D joints were recognized as 3D joints for particular cases (Ansys);

Editing Expand/Extreme table in report fix;

Appendix item was removed after reapplying report structure;

Reading of Afm and Fem parts was fixed (Simcenter 3D);

SDC Verifier 2020.0.2


  • Progress was added to a report designer;
  • Report Designer performance was improved;
  • Load Set Content in the report designer performance issue (count > 1000);
  • Warning message if wind selection contains elements outside the height range;
  • Highlight results in Optimization tool based on check parameters limits;
  • Read results performance for models with a huge amount of steps was improved (Ansys);
  • Update User Interface DPI Awareness when switching to embed mode for Femap 2020.2 or newer (Femap);


Bug fixes:


  • Stress conversion issue for plate elements with negative normal;
  • AISC360-10 Shear Check, rectangular built-up sections were not calculated;
  • AISC360-10 Torsional Check – warning for division on zero (open sections);
  • Wrong constraints nodes were read in the Joint Finder tool;
  • Fatigue Summation (Fatigue Group) results were not linked after project reopening;
  • Optimal Results were shown from the original model after restoring results from files in the optimization tool;
  • Failed to attach results for optimization tool when 2 or more optimization tools were calculated;
  • Check Calculation Details failed to display for checks with replacements;
  • Plate Buckling module required Beam Buckling Module to load the project;
  • Full Report Designer – Abs Stress Table was duplicated;
  • Report Designer. Import from other reports issue;
  • Edit Connection in Joint Check, selections controls was not accessible;
  • Elements without results (rigid, mass, etc.) in a classification plot were included (Femap);
  • Governing Loads / Peak Finder for Line Element Forces (beam moments/forces) were based on Max result and not Absolute Maximum;
  • Failed to calculate Governing Loads / Peak Finder for beams with mid-side node;
  • Break Page options in the report designer were not loaded correctly from project file;
  • Failed to apply Break Page from the context menu;
  • Failed to edit plate buckling plot when check selection didn’t include elements from plot selection;

SDC Verifier 2020.0.1


  • Support of Simcenter 3D 2020.2;
  • Apply Wind Load in Ansys. Beam (except general shapes), plate and solid elements (beta) support;

Apply Wind Load in Ansys

  • Define only consistent unit systems for new Project (Ansys);
  • Weld Finder. Set Weld Part type commands: set to Welded/Non-Welded/Invert;
  • Weld Finder – filter weld parts by rule – welds with equal weld parts thicknesses;
  • Warning message if the wrong version of Wbex is installed in Workbench (Ansys);

SDC for Ansys wbex vesion warning

  • Warning when beam/sub members elements have a different orientation (important for Moment Ratio tool);
  • Automatic Highlight is turned off by default;
  • Limits for Utilization Factor parameters in F.E.M 1.001 standard added;

Fixed Bugs:

  • The wrong governing load was calculated for check (the value was correct);
  • Read Grid Point Forces for beam + plate elements models (Ansys);
  • Poor performance when creating a new Job with a lot of steps (Ansys);
  • Stiffeners on custom sections were not recognized;
  • Constraints were not taken into account in Joint Finder (Ansys);
  • Display Beam Member Diagram and Moment Ratio diagram failed to display for beams with orientation node (Ansys);
  • Elements with topology Pyramids were not treated as Solid Elements. (Femap);
  • Fixed face5 normal calculation for solid elements in Wind Load (Femap);
  • Automatic highlight issues on Beam Member Finder and Weld Finder;
  • Change job selection affected Solution in Mechanical and changed state to out of date (Ansys);
  • Issue when imported groups/named selections;
  • Update formula in parameter Torsion Uf Closed (AISC 2010) to remove warning for open shapes about division on zero;
  • Weld Finder apply throat thickness t / 2 to all selected weld parts display a warning message;
  • Reference point options were not copied in Buoyancy Load (Femap);
  • An issue with remove load with references for Job of Jobs;
  • In Peak Finder / Governing Loads results were not shown for Load Set Content option for the following categories: Line/Plate Element Forces, Grid Point Forces, Strain Energy;
  • Dummy stiffeners were not saved into the project;
  • Report Designer:
    • Duplicated plots/tables were added for categories;
    • Edit Governing Loads tool;
    • Copy to Loads command ignored Fatigue Groups;
    • Selected materials in the Materials table were ignored;
    • Constraint plot used a default view and not selected views;
    • Preface SDC Verifier version changed from 20 to 2020;
    • An issue with imported results from Job;
    • Model Setup commands depended on selected items in the report tree;
    • Project from the report was not saved if it has not been saved from the main window;
    • Disabled items were generated in the report;

SDC Verifier 2020

  • New CAE versions supported: Ansys 2020 R2, Simcenter Femap 2020.2, Simcenter 3D 2020.1;
  • DVS 1608 (June 2010) and DVS 1612 (August 2014)

DVS 1608 (June 2010) and DVS 1612 (August 2014)

  • FKM - Analytical strength assessment (5th revised edition, 2003);

FKM - Analytical strength assessment (5th revised edition, 2003);

Optimization Tool

  • SDC Verifier API – automation of SDC Verifier commands;

SDC Verifier API

  • New Report Designer (watch demo)
    • Brand-new design;
    • Multi-selection;
    • Automatic sorting over loads/selections;
    • Ribbon;

Report Designer

  • Comparison Standard – use results from different standards (e.g. AISC and Eurocode3) to compare results;

Comparison Standard

  • Compare results from different types of checks - use weld, plate bucking, stiffener buckling types of checks in formulas of a custom check;
  • Related Stress Gradients Tool (used in FKM) – calculate coefficients to reduce stresses;

Related Stress Gradients Tool

  • Beam Member Diagram;

Beam Member Diagram

  • Infinity (division on 0) or NaN (not a number) is replaced with a huge number (3.40282347E+38). The warning is shown:

Infinity (division on 0)

Infinity (division on 0)


WARNING: In previous versions of SDC Verifier Infinity and NaN were replaced with 0 that could affect the results. Check your calculations on the division on zero carefully.
  • Calculate asymmetric shapes as a symmetric option in member checks – the minimum sizes of walls/flanges will be used to calculate cross-section properties;
  • Eurocode3 Fatigue – included size effect;
  • Nastran H-shape included in member checks (Femap, Simcenter);
  • Backup of SDC Results– keep old results when the project is not saved;
  • Store/Restore results for tools (Moment Ratio, Effective Width, Stress Gradient, Weld Summation);
  • Handle negative resistance in Joint checks (return UF = 12345678);
  • Resistance factors option in ISO Joint Check;

Resistance factors option in ISO Joint Check

  • Save Joint Check results to files;
  • Calculation details for property checks and in Component Extreme Table (the worst result on selected selection);
  • Governing Load can be shown for multiple selections;

Governing Load

  • Range criteria added in Peak Finder/Governing Load;

  • Flow Buckling Table can be built over multiple sections;
  • Load Set content results in Governing Load / Peak Finder tools - show the proportion of result of all items (including factors):
  • Edit multiple Individual Loads (Femap, Simcenter) – replace fem load/constraint for the selected loads;

Edit multiple Individual Loads

  • Panel Finder Settings:
    • Dummy Stiffeners recognition option to split plates if stiffeners are not fully connected to the edges of a panel

    • The minimum angle between flat sections;
    • Split plate on different property IDs;
  • Apply Wind approach (Femap):
    • Projected Area (cos (a));
    • Velocity Component (cos^2(a));
    • Normal to Face (cos (0));
  • Sort/Filter options in custom check table;
  • Selection List Conditions (the content of components, all properties/materials, recognition items on selection) – automatically updated when table on multiple selections is built; Content of Components in Component Extreme table:

Component Extreme table

  • Export Joint Check results to Femap;
  • Rename multiple items in collections (e.g. Jobs, Standards, Reports);
  • View options added (Femap):
    • Show Elements without Results;
    • Show Load Values;
  • Multiple views in the material item in the report;
  • Highlight all selected items in the tables (used to be only one selected);
  • Weld Finder:
    • Add multiple welds (by nodes);
    • Recognize welds on a custom selection (ignoring the settings and existing welds);
  • Updated weld rules in the selector:
    • Select Welds by Rule:

Select Welds by Rule

    • Select Welds by Type:

Select Welds by Type

  • Discard changes when editing number format, legend settings, unit system, multiple views;
  • Check if all dimensions are set for the weld strength calculations at the stage of creating the respective standard;
  • Create a separate plot object in Ansys (does not create in the report).


  • Eurocode3 member check:
    • Strong axis checking in calculations of kyy, kzz;
    • Classification calculation for rectangular shapes is calculated as for webs, not as for flanges;
    • Edit standard crashed program (after project reopening);
  • Line Element Force results reading if not all beams contain results (Ansys);
  • The poor performance of Plate Buckling check calculations for sections that include a huge amount of plates;
  • Combined shear moment for overlapping braces fixed in Joint Checks ISO. Norsok (use m1 +m2 instead of sqrt(m1^2+m2^2);
  • DNV 2010. Update formula Fx, Fy when value under sqrt is negative;
  • The job of Jobs always clear results when the Apply button is pressed;
  • Sum of Forces in report FEM Load is calculated on selection instead of the full model (Femap, Simcenter);
  • Preview plot from context menu used incorrect plot object from the tree;
  • Plot average corner results option in contour plot was not set (Femap, Simcenter);
  • Combine more than two welds in one-row error;
  • Failed to create SDC folder that includes Settings and Log files (permissions issue);
  • Import ‘.rst’ files without unit system defined – failure to read results (Ansys);
  • Paste spaces as factors in create/edit multiple load sets window;
  • Incorrect face selected for solids when applying Wind Load (Femap);

SDC Verifier 5.3.1


  • New CAE versions supported: Ansys 2020 R1, Femap 2020.1;
  • New modules added: AISC beam buckling, Eurocode3 beam buckling, Beam Buckling, and Joint Checks;
  • Moment Ratio tool – calculation of Beta M (used in Eurocode3 part 1-2);
  • Plate Buckling Table selection – pick plates by elements from selection (not full section by 1 element);
  • Panel Finder – automatically swap direction/amount of stiffeners if a plate width becomes greater than a length (user input or parametric stiffeners are applied);
  • Add torsional shear check for API 2A-RP LRFD;

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed formula in the DNV OS C 201 standard. Eta_0 = 1 / SF instead of Eta_0 = SF;

  • Failed to display tabular data for Load in Report (Ansys 2019 R2 and R3);
  • Failed to generate items in Presentation Designer – 2 styles were missing;
  • After a model update property was not up to date in the report (Femap);
  • Custom check calculation details – missing information for replacements;
  • Eurocode3 – bending moments parameters used Forces category, changed to Moments;
  • Labels were missing for Beam Section Finder plot;
  • The poor performance of selector when use Sections;
  • API RP-2A WSD - requirements t >= 6mm is removed;
  • Pasting data from the clipboard for multiple editing forms;
  • Legend – 2 digits after dot were always applied (Ansys);
  • Recognition of Beam Sections (updated);
  • Checking if the shape is symmetric / double symmetric when the shape has an offset;
  • Governing Loads wrong results when condition < and <= was used;

SDC Verifier 5.3

  • New CAE versions supported: Ansys 2019 R3; Simcenter 3D 2019.2;
  • Stiffener Buckling check according to DNV RP-C201 (2010).

  • Effective Width tool (used in Stiffener Buckling checks). Detailed calculations with formulas:

  • Calculation details for custom, plate and stiffener buckling checks:

  • Integration into Ansys Mechanical Tree (versions R2 and R3):

  • Panel Finder – recognition of panels, plates and stiffeners.
  • Single list of sections;
  • Swap plate direction to be along the longest side if dimensions were modified manually;
  • Improved split by nodes (possible to pick 2 nodes at the edges);
  • Updated filter;
  • Recognition of plates dimensions according to CSR method (optionally):

  • Set/Draw parametric stiffeners:

  • Beam Member Finder
  • Take into account offsets;
  • Constraints from joint finder (to set effective factors);
  • Merge Members;
  • Interface simplified;
  • Plot members orientation, full members ids:

  • Weld Finder
  • Simplified interface;
  • Highlight welds;
  • Minimum Yield/Tensile to be used in weld strength calculations;
  • Updated Filter;
  • Visualize weld throat on the model:

  • Modules: Beam Buckling, Plate & Stiffener Buckling, Fatigue, Weld Strength & Reporting. Borrowing the license for the offline usage (a floating license will gone on the server on a borrowing period);

  • Beam Section Recognition – tool to group line elements (1D) by planes. It is very similar to Panel Finder but instead of plates sections – beams/bars are recognized;

  • Joint Check according to API RP 2A WSD (21st, 2000). Nominal and Punching shear methods:

  • Map the symmetric shapes to all asymmetric I-beams or Channels of the model using the minimum sizes of the flanges (width and thickness):

  • Labels for all plots. Panel Finder coordinates as Labels:

  • Automatic highlight in all recognition tools, results tables, components tables;

  • Filter and Sorting options in Plate/Stiffener/Weld Check/Joint Check tables
  • Contour plot for weld checks based on elemental method;
  • Weld Strength standards. Options to use Yield/Tensile from the model (element) or take from Weld Finder Tool;
  • Property Label Plot:

  • Joint Finder. Take into account all constraints of the model.


  • ISO 19902 Hydrostatic options improved:
  • Option to use wave period and velocity or wave length;
  • Capped End actions included;
  • Read Corner/Centroid Results for solids option (Femap);
  • New Result Category – Material direction stress (Femap);
  • Checks memory manager:
  • Keep calculated results if Stop button was pressed;
  • Store intermediate results for fatigue group items during the fatigue summation calculations;
  • Clear results when material/property settings were changed (was automatically cleared) warning;
  • Build a model of a parametric crane included:

  • Rule Selector/Selection List – rearranged order of conditions.
  • Select recently created conditions;
  • New conditions added – beam sections, recognition on selection, import/export between components:

  • New options for label plots (font size, orientation, offset);
  • Build all check tables/plots on selection instead of a list of items:

  • Automatic Load Groups for All Individual Loads and All Load Sets.
  • Create Multiple Load Sets tool – add and edit load sets at the same time:

  • Tooltips for check parameters in the tables/plots;
  • Deflection category included in number format/legend settings;
  • Min-, Max-, Min/Max Threshold included in legend limits for Simcenter and Ansys;
  • Select cells in the table instead of the full row (easier to copy only necessary info);
  • Updated icons depending on property/shape type:

  • Moment Shear Force tool updated:
  • Available for Simcenter and Ansys;
  • Calculate shear forces in all planes;
  • Set origin;
  • Show Min/Max/Abs values Load Group;
  • Show loads from Load Group that contains relevant min/max values;
  • Convert predefined standard to custom instead of Copy as custom;
  • Freebody tool included in report;
  • Select what wind loads to re-apply when drag coefficients changed. Select what loads should be re-analyzed (Femap);
  • Preview with current view, selection on all plots:

  • Set categories to all joint check parameters (stress, dimensions etc.) for number formatting;
  • Show governing load in Weld Check Tables;
  • Beam member finder and Weld finder included in report wizard;
  • Set length coefficient K = 2 for beam members with free joints;
  • Nodal selection for tables with nodal result category (e.g. displacement). Used to take nodes from all selected elements;
  • Deflection check plot in Ansys included;
  • Put ordered labels for classification/characteristic plots;
  • Plot/Export selected items or all items options in Governing Load and Peak Finder tools;
  • Edit check in predefined standards. OK Cancel instead of Close button;
  • Use all types of characteristics (only property was possible) in Weld checks;
  • Automatically export to Word document option after generating the full report;
  • Overall formula is not set message included when plotting from the tree;
  • Remove outputs warning when analyzing Job (Femap);
  • Detach output sets from individual loads when result selection of a Job is changed warning (Femap);


  • Stress conversion for trapezoidal elements in custom (inclined) sections;
  • Result files were removed permanently if Cancel was pressed while editing checks;
  • Cm factor calculation, issue with Max value - should be less 0.85 but it took higher value in ISO, Norsok, API standards
  • Shapes with neutral axes offsets were not treat as double-symmetric;
  • AISC360-10 - shear lag factor and net area were missed on a wizard;
  • Selection was not edited in Tank/Buoyancy loads (Femap);
  • Import Output Sets did not work if there were empty analysis study (Femap);
  • Overwrite backup file in case there are no permissions to delete;
  • Change selection for Weld Checks did not work in custom standards;
  • Unable to complete setup for Simcenter (could not write paths to SDC Verifier.exe in settings);
  • Plot with Rigid elements froze Femap;
  • Controls visibility fixes in embed mode (Femap). High DPI resolution fixes;
  • Drag coefficients items in predefined reports (model setup or full) were duplicated;
  • Legend limits were edited in all copied views;
  • Save GP force results for Load Groups to the files was missed;
  • Incorrect coloring of buckling tables with more than 10 columns in report;
  • Show Major/Minor results in deflection check table did not work;
  • Get nodes/elements from geometrical named selection (Ansys);
  • Create less nodes in Ansys tree when plotting;
  • Take at least 1 element if 1% of model elements is less in Governing Load/ Peak Finder tool;
  • Governing load values sorting issue;
  • Materials editing issue (Simcenter);

SDC Verifier 5.2.1


  • Support of Ansys 2019 R2;
  • Support of Femap 2019.1;
  • DNV C203 – stress factor 1.12 can be excluded by a user in characteristic;
  • EN13001 – option to calculate formula (24) from Chapter 5.3.1 for static stress check;
  • Import data for Spectral Fatigue tool;
  • Set factors diagonally / clear factors on edit/create multiple load sets/load groups dialogs;
  • Limit Cm factor to 0.85 for option B in API, ISO, Norsok Standards;

Bug fixes:

  • Panel Finder failed to recognize plates when a model contains Plot only elements (Femap);
  • Run analysis in Femap 2019.1 was not working due to changes in Femap API (Femap);
  • Turn off clipping plane option for plots in Femap, model was not visible (Femap);
  • Copy fatigue group issue;

SDC Verifier 5.2


    • Crane Standard EN 13001-3-1+A2 Limits States and proof competence of steel:

Crane Standard EN 13001-3-1

  • DNVGL-RP-C203 Recommended Practice: Fatigue design of offshore steel structures, April 2016:


  • AISC 360-10 Chapter J3: Bolts and Threaded parts:

AISC 360-10 Chapter J3

  • EN 1993-1-8 Chapter3 Connections made with bolts, rivets or pins (beta);

EN 1993-1-8 Chapter3

  • Ansys 2019 R1 is supported;
  • Beam Deflection Check;

Beam Deflection Check

  • AISC 360-10 circular and rectangular bars are implemented;

AISC 360-10 circular and rectangular bars

  • ISO 19902 Chapter 13.2 and Chapter 13.2 Tubular members subjected to combined forces with hydrostatic pressure:

ISO 19902 Chapter 13.2 SDC Verfier

  • Combined standards (AISC 360-10 with API RP-2A LRFD / Norsok N004 / ISO 19902, AISC ASD 89 with API RP-2A WSD), API, ISO, Norsok for tubular shapes, AISC for non-tubular shapes:

AISC ASD 89 SDC Verifier

  • Unit System is used for input (materials, sections) and results (tables, plots):

SDC Verifier Untit System

  • Standard split on built-in (formulas not editable) and custom;

  • Built-in standards can be edited using wizards;

Standards wizzards SDC Verifier

  • The Standard menu is organized by the Classification Societies:

SDC Verifier Standard menu

  • Standard input is grouped together:

Standard input is grouped together SDC Verifier

  • The Standard wizard offers to fill characteristic / classification automatically by pressing OK if it was not defined:

SDC Verifier Standard wizzard

  • Weld Checks – elemental method is added (beta);

SD Verifier Weld checks

  • Selector – manual selection of structural items (members, welds, buckling plates) by element (one element is enough to pick one member):

  • Selector – new rules for Welds;

  • Labels over structural items (member, welds, etc.) with limits; Min/Max labels;

SDC Verifier Labels over structural items

  • Labels on components extreme tables over selections;

  • Components – new colored plot (also in the report);

  • Automatically reruns recognition recovery (joints, beam members, buckling plates, welds) if the model was changed:

  • Materials and Components colored labels plots in the report:

  • Export SDC Load Combinations to Mechanical into a separate solution (Ansys). Forces are multiplied on factors and defined in the correspondent steps:

Export SDC Verifier Load Combinations to Mechanical into a separate solution (Ansys)

  • Create Base cases (Ansys) – create a copy of solution with each force acting on a single step (can be used to analyze the influence of individual loads and create load combinations in SDC Verifier according to the standards);
  • Freebody tool - calculates a balanced set of forces/moments on a chosen part of a model;


  • Import Word document into SDC report;

Import Word document into SDC Verifier report

  • Solve command for all jobs and standards;

  • Peak Finder – improvements plot options, label size;

  • Load Set – individual loads can be added with 0 factor. It can be used to create a pulsating stress range;

  • DNV Plate Buckling (2010) – update calculation of combined buckling factor. Tension stresses are included in combined formula instead of compression only (Chapter 6.5, formula 6.18);

  • Plate Buckling table –labels plot for selected section/buckling plates results;
  • Beam Member Finder – settings for default member names, user names for beam members;

  • Beam Member Finder – filter is updated: apply to selected and not all members, select members by elements (one element is enough to pick the member)

  • Beam Member Finder – button to jump to edit multiple for the selected beam member (with sub-members). Pick member by element for edit multiple feature:

  • Report Check, Uncheck, Revert;

  • Standard tables – rows and columns;

  • Copy formulas between the checks;

  • Annotations (block with text, arrow, rectangle/ellipse) on pictures from files:

  • If user action (e.g. updating classification, editing factors in load set, update recognition tools) requires to clear results the warning message will be shown:

  • Edit Safety Factors for all Jobs at once:

  • Import predefined legend colors scheme from Femap including Gray and Gray + No Magenta (Femap):

  • Enhanced parameter limits – highlight cell in the table with red when the condition is not satisfied (below value, in range, outside the range, equal):

  • Save project from the report designer;

  • Edit all constants in standard at once;

  • Demo version (with limitation to 2000 nodes/elements) is removed, it is required to request a trial license in order to run SDC Verifier;
  • It is possible to select the license file during the installation;
  • SDC Verifier can be installed on a network share (path has to be pasted from the clipboard, browse option does not work);
  • Use different license files for SDC Verifier under different CAE programs (Ansys, Femap, Simcenter3D);
  • Automatically select Load Group in a selector for new table/plot. Store last selected load and select it for new table/plot;
  • Panel Finder – option to split plates on the section with different thicknesses;
  • Plot objects are created with descriptive names in Mechanical (Ansys);
  • Different version of SDC Verifier can be used in different version of Ansys, e.g. 5.1 in 19.1 and 5.2 in 19.2 (Ansys);

Bug fixes:

  • Eurocode3 – stress overshoot check calculation of m parameter;
  • Section Library – swapped dimensions for channel section;
  • High DPI issues with controls. Two monitors with different DPI settings;
  • Contour plot failed for fatigue summation check;
  • Autoscale option issue in View;
  • Results were cleared for fatigue summation check when Fill Table button was pressed on Table form;
  • Load Group results in fatigue summation check was not stored to files if check could not be completed due to lack of RAM memory;
  • Results for the load was not cleared automatically when safety factors were modified on Load Group control;
  • Results were not cleared automatically when torsional length in Beam Member Finder was modified;
  • Recognition issues in Weld Finder and Panel Finder for parabolic plate elements;
  • Wrong type for parabolic beams in Joint Finder;
  • Fix result categories for all Joint Checks parameters;
  • Unexpected error when applying direction in classification for the full model condition;
  • Unexpected error in standard data tables;
  • Failed to change the selection in the report for peak finder table/plot using Apply to All menu;
  • Classification types were not saved into the Standard library;
  • Results were cleared if user press OK on characteristic/classification/standard table form even if the data was not modified;
  • Get picture from Femap, when it is minimized (Femap);
  • Plot with elements shown with white color instead of criteria color (Femap);
  • Import results from analysis study – output sets were ordered by ID and by Analysis study (Femap);
  • Wave load – unit system added (Femap);
  • Multinodal force editing issues (Femap);
  • Split buckling plates using all line elements (rods and tubes) and not only beams and bars (Femap);
  • Contact description failed to read (Femap);
  • Geometry objects were shown on results plots (Femap);
  • Unit System issues (Ansys);
  • Create a plot under the correct solution to show relevant displacement (Ansys);
  • Duplicate Plot in Mechanical does not work (Ansys)
  • Elements with mapped I-shape were not added into selection with I-shape condition (Ansys);
  • Project save on network location was not shown in the list during open project command (Ansys);
  • New project wizard – steps were not imported automatically when user press Finish on the first step (Ansys);
  • Select elements/nodes in Mechanical from SDC – popup dialog is not on top of all windows (Ansys);

SDC Verifier 5.1.1


  • Now working with  Ansys 19.2 and Femap 12
  • Fatigue design of offshore steel structures, DNV-RP-C203 2016 (beta);
  • Wave - wave load applying algorithm is improved to handle different mesh sizes; Import/Export wave settings to file; total force/moment calculated along wave direction; fixed wave periodicity (Femap);
  • Overall mass for properties and materials overview;

sdc verifier properties summary

  • Add beam members by selection to components extreme table;

sdc verifier update selection

  • Multiselect of nodes in Edit Member (in all directions);

sdc verifier multiselect

  • In new project wizard Job of jobs is added if project contains 2 or more analysis;



Bug fixes:

  • AISC360-10: kv factor calculation is updated for a minor axis;
  • Eurocode3: torsional check UF calculation is updated;
  • Weld Finder and Panel Finder: recognition issue due to midside nodes;
  • Reading results of Line Element forces and GP Forces for models with beam and plates elements (Ansys);
  • Save/load project file on the network share;
  • Sub-steps are automatically imported as individual loads (Ansys);
  • Import results – copy/paste added, range calculation is updated;
  • Contour plot is replaced with criteria plot in v19 and v19.1 (Ansys);
  • New project wizard – results are not imported if user click Finish on the first step (Ansys):
  • Preview method is updated – real shapes for beams are shown (Ansys);
  • Issues with user title for tables/plots;
  • Import view settings - the legend position (Femap, v12);
  • View autoscale issue;
  • Dimensions for cross sections were cut and not rounded;
  • Fatigue checks were recalculated due to the wrong check if the characteristic is up to date;
  • Contour plots are shown always with deformation, for vectors with Id < 4 (Femap);
  • Fem Load in the report: loads magnitudes on inactive steps are skipped;

SDC Verifier 5.1

New Features:

  • AISC ASD 1989 9th edition, July 1989;
  • API RP 2A-WSD 21st edition, October 2007;
  • ASME VIII, Div.2 - 5.5.2 Screening Criteria for Fatigue Analysis (beta);
  • Eurocode3 weld strength (Section 4, EN1993-1-8):

  • Waves Load (beta, only Femap):

  • Project Wizard - a wizard to quick start/setup the project:

  • DNV weld strength split on 2 standards - C101 and C201;
  • Job of Jobs - possibility to create load combinations/envelopes using results from different Analysis;
  • Mapped Sections - select a shape from the library and link to existing property (should be used when shape dimensions are not defined in the model but required for the standard);
  • Improved performance for huge amount of loads (10K+);
  • Load Selector - a content of load group option. It is possible to build flow tables on the Load Group items:

  • AISC2010 - automatically fill stiffener distance, option for torsional check, for shape checks intersection with user selection;
  • Beam Member Finder - edit duplicate members. Export members to components:

  • Display Unit System - user can use different unit system for calculations and displaying tables/plots. (Simcenter, Ansys):

  • Report improvements:
    • Selection highlight feature for tables

  • User title and automatic title - when user title is blank an automatic title is used:

SDC Verifier 5.0.1


    • Report Layout: Multiple rows for footer and header;
    • Mass overview on selection;
    • Weld Finder additional filter options;
    • Show min/max for groups in flow and summation tables;
  • Add selection in thickness plot tool.

Bug fixes:

  • Beam elements were not shown on plots when connected to plates;
  • Direction of wind and snow load;
  • Recognition of beam-plate joints;
  • Export tables to excel – forbidden symbols or more than 25 characters;
  • Add nodes manually in Joint Finder;
  • Wrong values on thickness plot;
  • Custom Logo issue in report layout header/footer;
  • Fill tables in report wizard issue;
  • Editing drag coefficients;
  • Generate properties in report as tapered;
  • Beams was not included in Fatigue Summation plots;
  • Peak Zone plot was not shown, only labels;

SDC Verifier 5.0

New Features:

  • Support for Ansys v18.2 and v19;
  • Support for Simcenter v12;
  • DNV OS C101/C201 (welded connections) is implemented;
  • Improvements for AISC360-10: bending and combined checks are added for Channels, torsional check implemented, calculate Cb based on moment diagram or use manual input, take into account second order effect (B1 values, Appendix 8);

  • Weld Finder – automatic recognition of weld length, welded/nonwelded parts, user input for weld characteristics (type, throat thickness, angle, etc.). Elements that are connected to weld with one node are added to weld;

  • Weld Summation Tool – the sum of forces and moments over welds;

  • Moment Ratio Tool – calculation of Cb factor according to AISC360-10;

  • Panel Finder – automatic recognition of all section types (including custom), length/width filter over plates;
  • Display governing loads in plate buckling tables for buckling factor;

  • Plate Inspector tool for Plate Buckling Check – displays detailed (elemental) results for selected plates;

  • Report Layout templates – configuration of first page layout, header and footers, margins and fonts, user-defined fields;

  • Performance of governing Loads and Peak Finder tools are improved significantly;
  • Tables improvements: change load, table type (extreme/expand), category on table form;

  • Option to configure table borders and turn on/off min/max highlight;

  • Option min/max/abs available for all extreme tables;
  • Force Summation Tables over loads and over selections;

  • Warping and torsional constants are calculated by SDC for AISC360 and Eurocode3 standards (not read from CAE program);
  • Option in Job: read stress/strain results corner or centroid results (for Femap and Simcenter);

  • Apply selection to few selected checks in standards;

  • Colored material plot with labels;

  • Colored plot of plate thicknesses;

  • Export results tool – export by loads, export by checks, include point results;
  • New rule for selector - stiffener: find beams attached with 2 nodes to plate edge;
  • Add multiple views for property plots in the report;
  • By default results are stored in SDC scratch folder (before were stored in the project folder);
  • License Manager – proxy settings on license manager form, select CAE program in license request;

Bug fixes:

  • Issue with joint recognition on a model with rods elements;
  • Proxy credentials were not stored to setting file;
  • Results for governing loads were cleared after table closed;
  • Issue with joint recognition with plates connected under 45 degrees;
  • All solid elements in coincident nodes tool were treated as coincident;
  • Wrong plate is shown on preview in plate buckling table;
  • Empty list for table style in the report;
  • View was not applied in the report for classification plots;
  • User modified buckling plates were not stored as user-defined in project file;
  • Copy and paste issue in panel finder;
  • Panel Finder stuck from the context menu;
  • Issues with memory management for load sets;

SDC Verifier 4.6.1

New Features:

  • Governing Loads for Plate Buckling Checks:

  • Memory management algorithm is improved;
  • Expand Flow Table for Joint Check is added. Results on Load Group;
  • Extra Backup options: daily and hourly backups:

  • Elements that are not checked against standards are shown in report:

  • Safety factors overview in report under standard (only when Sf is used in formulas):

  • Option in preferences: Read stresses from corners or Top and Bottom values:

  • Sort / Copy features for tables/plots in report under checks are improved.

Bug fixes:

  • Loading time is decreased for Beam Member Finder;
  • Editing Joint issue where one element belongs to 2 joints;
  • Multinodal forces issues with titles;
  • Clear check results crash issue;
  • Cross section dimensions are cut;
  • Failed to read results from files if model was changed;
  • Failed to calculate Midplane stresses when rigid elements present in model;
  • Data conversion and limits were not stored for fatigue plots;
  • Weld Finder selection was not taken into account for weld tips recognition;
  • Selection for Eurocode3 standard always was set to All, user selection was ignored;
  • Results for variables Sweld.X, Sweld.Y, …, Sweld.eqv always was taken from X direction;
  • When member break options was changed it was not set as modified;
  • Unable to run analysis when model contains plot only elements;

SDC Verifier 4.6


  • Recognition of joints and beam members is improved significantly. (slow opening of beam member finder form issue is resolved)
  • Check calculation for the huge amount of load cases is improved.
  • Support of Autodesk NEi Nastran Solver - an update reading results for bar/beam elements:

  • Eurocode3:
    • An option which method for Lateral Torsional Buckling to use:

    • The C1 coefficient is calculated according to the Designers' guide to Eurocode3: Design of steel buildings 2nd edition:

  • Joint Check improvements:
    • Recognition of 2D and 3D plate joints:

    • New colored plot with legend out of labels:

    • Arrows with beam element axes for joints:

  • Beam Member Finder:
    • Set Effective Length Factor K = 0.01 for the members that are fixed by plates (in the recognition direction):

    • Updated plot for the selected members, rest model is shown in gray color:

    • Break members using Plate 2D and 3D joints:

    • Unit System: Meter/Ton/Second, Millimeter/Ton/Second and Millimeter/Kg/Millisecond systems are added. The custom unit system can use grams, centimeters, and decimeters:

    • Classification: adding multiple conditions (over directions) at once:

    • Settings (Legend, Number format, Unit System) can be set as default and stored to file. When a new project is created default settings are loaded from the file:

  • Project Analyzer: a report generation is added
  • Classification: adding multiple conditions (over directions) at once:

  • Custom Checks: New predefined formulas ShapeT and ShapeL:

  • Presentation Designer: new sorting options, add multiple plots/table.
  • Load Group - a single form to create and edit multiple load groups:

  • Plots: preview with current view, current view and selection (active view settings and visible elements are used for plot).

SDC Verifier 4.5

  • Eurocode3 - Cross Section and Buckling Resistance. Cross section class is calculated automatically based on loads:

  • Governing Loads Tool - finds critical loads out of a large group of load combinations:

  • Peak Finder Tool - displays peaks using special plot with an overview in a table:

  • Presentation Designer - generates PowerPoint Presentation in SDC Verifier.

  • SDC Results are stored on disk. They are grouped in folders by the Jobs and the Loads All results are grouped.

  • Project Analyzer tool. By default SDC Verifier calculates results when necessary (plot or table requested). To run calculations in non-working hours use Project Analyzer.

  • Load Selectors new features: Select Previous or Recent Selection (last 10), Quick selection of all loads of selected type (e.g. Load Sets):

  • Views - new interface and more options:

  • Advanced options. New: Custom Levels, Threshold Modes, Vector Scale.

  • Beam Member Finder - Y, Z and Torsional lengths on single form:

  • Joint Finder - full control over Joints

  • Beam Member Finder -edit single member in 3 directions at once.

  • Beam Member Finder Filter:

  • Weld Finder Exceptions:

  • Eurocode3 Fatigue Updated: The Fatigue Check is replaced with Fatigue Damage and Fatigue Stress Overshoots. Fatigue Group and Load Group results are shown in one table:

  • Predefined Report for Plate Buckling. Select Loads, Views, preferred structure and plate buckling report is ready:

  • Panel Finder: Find All button - recognize sections and plates in all directions. Custom Section found automatically:

  • A filter in Plate Buckling Table. See only the plates that have Buckling Factor above the limit. It is possible to display only the plates that fail (BF > 1). The Plates values are sorted in descending order:

  • Plate Buckling Expand Flow Table - one section (frame, longitudinal, deck) over few loads:

  • Selection and Load containers in Report. Copy between the selection/load containers and SDC will update the selection/load for plots and tables automatically. New Created tables/plots are automatically added under the corresponded container (automatic sort).

  • Copy plot/table from one check to another.

  • Content is inserted automatically in Word

  • Schedule to generate few reports

  • Numbers in table aligned to the right

  • Generation Time in Preface

  • Model Quality Tools

  • Replace Load/View/Selection

  • New rules in Selector: All welds + Welds exceptions + Plate Free Edges, Plates with free edges, Weld tips and Add Visible.

  • Moment Ratio tool: calculates min/max bending moment for the full member. The kc coefficient is automatically calculated for Eurocode3:

  • Formula Editor: intelligence - a list of suggested variables, highlight surrounding scopes, tooltips, shortcuts:

  • New variables in checks:

  • Convert forces into Multiple NodalForces and edit all at once:

  • AISC 360-10: evaluate wrapping, neutral offset. Evaluation is not performed automatically. The dialog with the list of properties that will be evaluated is displayed. It is possible to skip evaluation but that will influence on calculations:

  • Bar/Beam properties. Shape picture with dimensions. Shape for End B:

  • Renumber

  • Copy between standards

  • Characteristic-based on type

  • Use maximum instead of minimum for Cm Type (conservative):

  • Predefined Tables in Job

  • Use Current Project in Open as Template

  • Contour Plots for beams in Checks

  • Short names for plots

  • Warning message overall direction is selected but the formula is not defined

  • Safety Factor for Individual Loads and Load Sets

SDC Verifier 4.0

  • Support of Femap v11.3;
  • Parallel calculations for Load Sets and Load Groups;
  • Selection and Load Sorting Containers for checks in report designer;
  • Copy structure from one load to multiple loads in report designer;
  • Resolved issue with swapped moments when Ansys solver is used (AISC 360-10).
  • Buckling of stiffened plates according to DNV-RP-C201 2010 chapter 7;
  • Strength and stability of tubular members according to ISO 19902 (first edition, December 2007);
  • Strength and stability of tubular members according to Norsok N004 (rev.3, February 2013);

  • Stiffened Panel Finder - recognizes automatically sections, panels, plates, stiffeners and girders and their dimensions. This tool is an advanced version of Panel Finder;
  • Joint Check according to ISO 19902:

  • Weld Stresses and Global Plate Stresses- automatic conversion of results. All tables/plots for stresses can be created for weld and global plate stresses categories:

  • Moment Ratio tool - calculates ratio of moments on the end of beam members. It is used to calculate reduction factors in the following standards: API RP 2A, ISO 19902 and Norsok N004
  • Effective Width Tool - calculate plate effective width for every load situation. Effective width is used in stiffener buckling check according to DNV-RP-C201 2010:
  • Unit System - is used for conversion units in calculations for the following standards: API RP 2A, DIN15018, FEM 1.001, Eurocode3, Norsok N004 and ISO 19902:

  • Stiffener Buckling Check - special check to perform calculations and present results for stiffeners. Additional variables can be used in formulas: stiffener dimensions, stiffener related plates dimensions, stiffener results and related plates results converted into stiffener direction;
  • Beam Member Finders have fixed structure - 3 items are created automatically: length y, length z and length torsional. Data from beam member finders can be used directly in checks, import to characteristics is not required anymore:

  • Thickness Plot tool - interface is updated: selection can be defined directly from Panel Finder or Groups, font size option is added, it is possible to plot 4 types of labels (thickness, id, id and title, id title and thickness). In addition thickness plots can be added into report:

  • Multinodal Force - it is possible to create few loads at once. E. g. two loads with 4 nodes each:

  • Panel Finder - the following features were added: Add/Edit Plate, Combine Plates, Edit Plate thickness, Import/Export
  • Classification is simplified - classification over points is removed. Plots for classification are improved with colored labels:

  • In Selector 4 new rules were implemented: all welds, all welds intersections, all welds without intersections and previous (last selected items in Femap):

  • Single Weld Finder tool in project - it's not possible to add few. The tool is used for conversion stresses into weld direction. Update Element direction button is removed because fatigue standards use converted stresses in the formulas:

  • Settings are split on 2 sections Legend Settings and Number Formats:

  • Plate Buckling (no load) check - same as plate buckling check but not required load for calculations.
  • Report Improvements:
    • It is possible to set fixed window size for Femap Graphic window. Option can be set in Preferences or from Report Designer toolbar:
    • It is possible to define custom border color:
    • Material Table item - all Materials in one table:
    • Mass Properties item - all mass properties in one table
    • Beam Member Finder Plots on selection with possibility to change view:
    • Beam Member Finder Tables:
  • Import possibilities for all libraries: standards, wind profiles, customers and engineers and category settings. It is possible to get library file from colleague and import desired items into your library file;
  • Global Constants in preferences for Gravity and Density. They are used as default values for tank and buoyancy loads:

  • New option in Export Results to Femap -Export results by type: checks per load (all check results for separate load as separate output set) or loads per check (all results for loads for separate check as output set)
  • Warning if yield stress is equal or higher than tensile strength when edit materials;

Fixed Bugs

  • Clear Plate Buckling Results only when changes in Panel Finder were done;
  • Don't switch model in Femap when backup is performed;
  • Step property in Moment Shear tool was not read;
  • Qa reduction factor was calculated for non-slender elements for I and C shapes in AISC standard. It is set to 1 for non-slender elements;
  • Black background for logo with transparent background in report for *.png files;
  • Property Check failed to save to standard library;
  • Units for tank load in report are removed;
  • Replacement option was stored to standard library;
  • Modes table failed to open when loads does not contain results;
  • Draw axis for shapes;
  • Export Tool - export nodal results failed;
  • LG parameter in check expand table was set to minimum when press cancel.

SDC Verifier 3.8.5

  • Nonlinear results location in Femap 11.2 was changed. Reading results function is updated to read nonlinear results from a new location.
  • Eurocode3 update: if stress history has only one Load Group - Utilization Factor is calculated, for few Load Groups fatigue damage is also calculated;
  • Predefined checks: static stress check, average stresses, plate principal stresses, solid principal stresses;
  • Job contain 2 selections: first - for analysis in Femap, second - read results in SDC Verifier;
  • Edit Multiple Load Sets/Load Groups - interface is improved, a possibility to paste names of loads;
  • Contour plots for beams;
  • Contour Output Vector plot - display contour plot for custom output vector;
  • Stop generation of table or plot immediately;
  • Copy checks between standards;
  • Update for Free Edge tool - recognize also coincident nodes, combine free edges in groups of elements;
  • Output Vector Selector in expand/extreme tables is updated - it is possible to store selections to library;

Fixed Bugs

  • Sorting feature in report for plots and tables: by Load, by Parameter, by Selection/Section;
  • Copy structure (all items) from one check to another in report;
  • A tool that resolves an issue with connection to Femap. (Tools - Register Femap in System);
  • Requested results in Job for Custom analysis was set to default after report generation;
  • Customer in properties was not saved to file;
  • Preview functions always showed elements with thickness;
  • Automatic plot after applying buoyancy and tank load is removed;
  • Using filter in selection list instead of one item two were selected;
  • Edit Fatigue Summation check when after calculation was not possible;
  • Open as template in embed mode use wrong model file;
  • Load Selector crashed if Job contains 0 loads;
  • Orientation of Mode Table is changed: in columns modes and in rows - loads;
  • Rename parameter in check converted dependent formulas into lower case;
  • Move parameters in check cause shift in report plots when saving project;
  • Standard table description was not saved.

SDC Verifier 3.8

  • Fatigue check according to Eurocode 3:

  • Calculation Core is completely updated to improve memory management. A lot of data is calculated dynamically and it allows to use less memory (plates 44%, and solids - 36%);
  • New Checks with high performance and low memory usage: Property Check and Custom Check (no load):

  • Tank and Buoyancy Loads are updated: performance, interface, and possibility to define faces pressure are applied:

  • ANSI/AISC 360-10 - standard performance and memory usage is improved (new check types are used);
  • API RP-2A unit system is added (Pa, MPa, psi, ksi);
  • Panel Finder - plate width > length limitation is removed. Join Plates features are added. When research is run it is possible to keep user plates (joined plates or plates with updated parameters);
  • Joint check: maximum chord curvature angle option, calculate all braces as TY option;
  • Thickness Plot - displays plate thickness using a label. The tool automatically groups elements with same property:

  • Characteristic Plot in report with selection and labels;
  • Move option in classification;
  • New type of characteristics - load characteristic;
  • Fatigue Groups - set of Load Groups with defined number of cycles. Used to calculate fatigue according to Eurocode3'
  • Fatigue Summation Check - custom check with possibility to calculate summation of fatigue damage;
  • Improved switching between Embed and Standalone Mode - now;
  • Select sections in expand plate buckling table;
  • Interface and selection logic I Multiple Load Selector is updated;

  • Summation over nodes in Expand Flow Table for Load Groups updated: now results are summed for Individual Loads/Load Sets and then Absolute Maximum is calculated. Load Group displays absolute maximum force among its items;
  • Message Window in report designer;

Fixing Bugs

  • Read Solid Stresses for selection (part of the model);
  • Yield and Tensile stress were cleared if materials are renamed;
  • Message "Deformation Vector does not exist" after plotting;
  • Failed to read line elements force results when Warping Torque is missing (Ansys solver was used to analyze the model);
  • Run Analysis in Femap 11.2;
  • Issue with floating license when open project by clicking on project file;
  • Warning about slenderness = 0 if more than 1 property is used in beam member;
  • Copy to clipboard using shortcut in Multiple Edit Load Sets/Load Groups;
  • Break option 1D Joint was not stored to project file;
  • Remove non-existing sections in plate buckling tables;
  • Edit multiple joints - set 1D and Free type was not possible;
  • Sending license request and errors;
  • After editing constant it was not displayed in report;
  • Clear Output Sets in Individual Loads when using Update function;
  • Turn off property Ids when display criteria/contour plot;
  • Consume a lot of memory for results when high ID numbers are used (e.g 9 000 000).

SDC Verifier 3.7.5

  • Network Floating License - fixed number of users can connect to the license server simultaneously.
  • Usage of licenses can be checked in a web browser ( Name):

  • If a license is not available, license status with the list of connected computers is visible in the right bottom corner. It is possible to see when license becomes available and connect.

  • Fatigue according to F.E.M 1.001 standard;
  • Joint Check:
    • List of connections that do not match conditions are recommended to be checked manually;
    • Set load transfer and can length manually for connections that include can;
  • Memory Management is improved;
  • In Plate Buckling option Use Absolute Shear added (conservative approach);
  • Updated stress transformation for 4-nodes, not rectangular plates (Diagonal Bisector);

  • Update plotting function to support Femap 11.2;
  • Layout of Flow tables and plate buckling tables is updated to fit on page in report;
  • Unit system is removed form Buoyancy and Tank Load;

Fixed Bugs

  • Joint Check: Gap calculations, Connections and Can recognition;
  • Sending License request (added alternate method to send request);
  • Resolve Conflicts - Fem Loads and Constraints was added in the wrong plate (always in the end).
  • Sum of Forces tables was skipped in report;
  • Update sections in plate buckling tables when sections are removed;
  • Edit multiple plots in report wizard.

SDC Verifier 3.7

  • AISC 360:

    • torsional and flexural-torsional buckling (Chapter E);
    • bending (Chapter F) - for double symmetric I-beams, circular and rectangular tubes;
    • shear (Chapter G);
    • combined and overall checks;
    • LRFD and ASD design - both are available;
    • Examples for 3 chapters: Design Examples of AISC.

Fixed Bugs

  • Plate Buckling ABS 2006, DNV95 and 2010 - Element Midplane Stresses(without bending), Use Plate Average Stress options;
  • Joint Check:
    • Gap calculations included with nodes offsets;
    • Section E-3.4 implemented (can recognition on a chord);
    • Updated calculations of in-plane and out-of-plane bending moments;
    • Overlapped brace rules included.
  • Multiload selector is completely updated (to handle huge amount of loads);
  • Report Designer:
    • report shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+E and others);
    • sort plots and tables in check by loads;
    • 2 items per page;
    • New text editor;
    • Improved Loads Content;
    • Analyze Model together with Generating report;
  • Creation of Load Sets and Load Groups is speeded up;
  • Export to components from Weld Finder and Joint Finder;
  • Update direction in Weld Finder is speeded up, progress added;
  • Import/Export Plates Length and Width from Excel in Panel Finder.
  • View issues when generating a report;
  • Catch errors when report designer cannot be opened;
  • Critical crash in report;
  • Undefined dimensions;
  • Remove members in Beam Member Finder;
  • Clear results in check when Individual Load based on Output Set is cleared;
  • Moment shear force - disable for Load Sets and Load Groups; issue with table;
  • Automatic backup issue, save auto backup when project not saved;
  • Load wind from library;
  • Error with Femap Groups - contain not existing ids;
  • Buoyancy wave height (half height was used instead of full);
  • GDI+ error with images;
  • Wrong wind direction when edit wind. Calculate height of complicated shapes issue;
  • The issue with engineer and customer logo.